80/20 Adds New Hidden Corner Connectors for T-Slotted Framing

80/20, Inc., manufacturer of the original "Industrial Erector Set", recently added new Corner Connectors to their line of T-slotted aluminum framing components.

Clear finished, die-cast zinc Corner Connectors are available in inside-to-inside and inside-to-outside versions. These connectors provide a hidden 90 degree corner connection for 15, 30, 40 and 45 Series T-slotted profiles, and are ideal for lightweight applications. Connection is quick and easy with included set screws and no machining is necessary.

To learn more about 80/20's fastening components or to obtain a free quote visit www.8020.net or contact:

80/20® Inc.

1701 South 400 East

Columbia City, IN 46725-8753

Phone: 260-248-8030 or 877-248-8020

Fax: 260-248-8029 E-mail: info@8020inc.com

Web Site: www.8020.net

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