7 Reasons to Install Accsense for Medical Temperature Monitoring

Accsense Wireless and Wired Automated Monitoring Systems

CHESTERLAND OH - Pharmacies, hospitals and biorepositories store high-value but extremely temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines and medicine, prompting the need for automated systems to accurately record and/or archive both temperature and humidity. However, the sheer variety of available solutions can make the selection process a lengthy one. To help them choose an ideal device, the applications specialists at CAS DataLoggers present 7 compelling reasons for customers monitoring their medical refrigerators, freezers, and liquid nitrogen tanks to use Accsense wired and wireless monitoring systems:

1. Save Time and Money - Automated temperature and humidity monitoring saves staff the time and trouble of having to check readings themselves, which significantly reduces labor costs and improves productivity. Human error is a thing of the past using this highly-accurate temperature recorder, and Accsense also monitors many other parameters including humidity, voltage, pressure, power, current, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels, and more--if you have a sensor for it, just plug it into your Accsense pod and start recording.

2. Cloud Storage - Accsense wireless systems instantly send all your data online onto a cloud server for instant real-time monitoring and archiving.

3. Wide Measurement Range - The A2-05 Ethernet datalogging pod has inputs for 2 RTDs and one thermocouple, offering a Type T thermocouple accessory to monitor ultra-low temperatures, all the way down to -200°C for tracking temperature in liquid nitrogen tanks.

4. Essential Alarming Features - Accsense is an extremely cost-effective system given all its convenient alarming capabilities. Digital inputs enable setup of alarms, such as when a refrigerator door is opened too many times or for too long. This automated system can even send voice alerts to designated personnel the moment that vital parameters go out of specification, decreasing response times and potentially preventing disasters. An Accsense system can pay for itself in a single day by helping to prevent a case of spoiled vaccines or samples!

5. Trouble-free Installation - With little to no IT involvement necessary, Accsense is the only system on the market that has no impact on existing networks or server structure, and only minimal impact on bandwidth.

6. Compliance with Industry Regulations - Accsense provides archived proof of best practices, including compliance with regulations including Title 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, and other patient confidentiality and electronic record liability standards.

7. Completely Secure Servers - The protected servers at Rackspace use the same advanced encryption used by the major credit card companies to safeguard your critical data from intrusions.

Accsense Product Manager Dana Kennedy explains, "Accsense systems heavily emphasize data accessibility and user-friendly operation. With their simple design, these datalogging pods can be quickly installed in your facility without requiring any expensive training sessions for staffers-just plug them in and you're good to go. Your patient data is safe on our secure servers, and you'll enjoy peace of mind relying on our phone alarms to let you know if your supplies are suddenly going out of specification."

Accsense wired and wireless dataloggers are used in a wide variety of life science applications, including medical temperature monitoring, pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage, cleanroom differential pressure monitoring, and many more, including clinics participating in Alaska's Dept. of Health and Social Services' statewide immunization program.

CAS DataLoggers has the most varied selection of data logging equipment available, with a wide range of models from over 16 manufacturers recording almost any type of data for your application. Models featuring anywhere from 1 to 300 channels record temperature, humidity, force/strain, and pressure, as well as voltage, current, digital signals, serial (RS-232/RS-485), CAN/OBD, or SDI-12 devices. Customers are provided with expert configuration assistance, custom programming, custom system design and assembly, post-sales technical support, and repair and calibration services.
For more information on Accsense temperature and humidity monitoring systems, other Accsense pods monitoring additional parameters, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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