6U PowerPC SBC is based on IBM750.

Press Release Summary:

Model CP620-PM Single Board Computer (SBC) features IBMPPC750CX(E) PowerPC processor, running at up to 700 MHz, and is equipped with direct-soldered SDRAM with ECC (up to 1 GByte). It is provided with 4 MByte or 8 MByte soldered flash memory, and includes 2 PMC slots, 2 Ethernet ports and 4 configurable serial ports. Support is offered for VxWorks® and Linux. Standard and extended temperature operating range (-40°C to +85°C) versions are available.

Original Press Release:

PEP Introduces 6U PowerPC Compact PCI SBC Based On IBM 750

Pittsburgh, PA, November 2001 - PEP Modular Computers, a leading manufacturer of 3U and 6U low power, high performance CompactPCI and VME single board computers (SBCs) and systems, has introduced the CP620-PM, a rugged SBC designed specifically for demanding industrial automation, military, and transportation

The CP620-PM features the IBMPPC750CX(E) latest generation PowerPC processor, running at up to 700 MHz, and is equipped with direct soldered SDRAM with ECC (up to 1 GB), for the management of memory-intensive tasks in harsh environments. It is
provided with 4 MB or 8 MB soldered flash memory for non-volatile operating system and application code; optional solid state ATA CompactFlash(TM) cards (type 1 or 2) are available to provide a shock/vibration resistant file system.

Designed for flexibility, the CP620-PM includes two PMC slots for adaptation to specific I/O needs, as well as two Fast Ethernet ports and four configurable serial ports. The new board can also be configured as a peripheral master, providing complete hot swap capability, featuring signal precharge, power ramping, hot swap control and status register, and hot swap ready LED.

For use as an independent subsystem in a CompactPCI rack, the CP620-PM is equipped with a non-transparent PCI-PCI bridge to isolate its resources from the system master CPU. With support for RackNET multiprocessing software, the new board can also utilize a fast TCP/IP connection through the CompactPCI bus.

The CP620-PM is provided with support for VxWorks® and Linux, and is available in both standard and extended-temperature (operating range -40° C to +85° C) versions.

Pricing for the CP620-PM consisting of 4HP, 700MHz 750CXE PPC, 512MB, IPMI, passive heatsink starts at $2600.

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