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Cell Phone Spy Gadget recovers deleted text messages.

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Jan 05, 2009 - SIM Card Seizure v1.0.2, combined with SIM card reader, can download entire contents of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, including account information, text messages, and last numbers dialed. If cell phone stores data to SIM card, and it has yet to be overwritten, even deleted information can be recovered. Possible applications include digital investigations of cell phone, PDA, and GPS device data.

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Cell Phone Spy Gadget Recovers Deleted Text Messages

Press release date: Dec 04, 2008

Pleasant Grove, Utah - March 31, 2008 - Paraben Corporation, a digital forensic Technology, provider announced today that it has released SIM Card Seizure v1.0.2. This software, combined with a SIM card reader, can download the entire contents of a SIM card, including deleted data. SIM cards (Subscriber Identity Module) are used in GSM phones to store account information for your cell phone. Some phone models store information such as text messages and last numbers dialed on the SIM card. This opens up a world of information for people trying to recover text messages or phone numbers.

Paraben Corporation is the global leader in cell phone forensics and has been innovating and leading this field since 2002. SIM Card Seizure is one of many products offered for digital investigations of cell phone, PDA, and GPS device data. "I can't tell you how many parents, employers, and spouses have called us in a panic because they needed to recover deleted text messages," stated Rob Schroader, President of Paraben Corporation. "If the cell phone stores the messages to the SIM card and the data hasn't been overwritten with new data, we can recover that data with amazing results"

SIM Card Seizure can be purchased for only $129.00 and comes with everything you need to download SIM card data. Before you purchase a product like this, consumers need to be sure their phone has a SIM card and that the data they are looking for is stored on that card rather than the phone itself.

ABOUT PARABEN Paraben Corporation specializes in computer forensic software for enterprises and consumers. Established in 1999, Paraben became a leader in handheld forensics with the release of PDA Seizure in 2002, the first commercially available tool for cell phone forensics. Paraben then combined the two tools to create Device Seizure, a comprehensive forensic solution for cell phones and PDAs. Paraben also has many digital forensic software titles for forensic analysis of hard drives and media-P2 Commander, and specialized tools for enterprise level forensics-P2 Enterprise, training classes, and forensic hardware. For more information, visit