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Powered with internal Li-ion battery providing up to 8 hr of talk time and 120 hr standby, Phoenix® Mobile Communication System allows 5 users wearing headsets to communicate with each other in full duplex over more than 300,000 sq ft area. System provides push-to-talk communications among headset participants and is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled headsets, phones, and computers. With noise gates and noise suppression algorithms, chatter in noisy environments is minimized.

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Callpod(TM) Launches the World's First Bluetooth® Mobile Conferencing System, the Phoenix® Mobile Communication System

Ideal for Medical, Warehouse, Retail, Outdoor Area, Restaurant Environments - Allows 5 Users Wearing Bluetooth Headsets to Clearly Communicate Over 300,000+ SQ FT

CHICAGO, Oct. 21 /- Callpod, Inc., an emerging leader in the mobile electronics industry, creators of the Chargepod and on the heels of its successful launch of the Dragon V2 headset for Bluetooth mobile phones, PDAs VoIP products and computers, today announced the Phoenix(R) Mobile Communication System (MCS).

The versatile Phoenix Mobile Communication System was designed to provide a much needed solution to a variety of different industries that are in need of seamless and simultaneous hands-free communication. The Phoenix Mobile Communication System allows five users wearing headsets to communicate with each other in full duplex over a more than a 300,000 sq ft area.

"The Phoenix MCS can be used in many different situations from a FEMA disaster recovery situation, everyday retail and restaurant worker to worker communications and even surgeons communicating in an operating room who are completely covered by protective gear," said Darren Guccione, Callpod's CEO and Co-founder. "The Phoenix is designed to be highly versatile in that it does not rely on landlines, wall outlets, wires or speakerphones."

In addition, the system is an ideal solution in an office, warehouse, outdoor area or tactical operations. The MCS is completely mobile and is powered with an internal lithium ion battery providing up to 8 hours of talk time and 120 hours standby. The Phoenix can join five headsets and a cell phone or Skype(R), provides push-to-talk communications among headset participants, eliminates background noise on each channel, delivers a full duplex audio path and is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled headsets, phones and computers.

When users optionally pair the Phoenix base unit to a mobile phone or PC (i.e. VoIP) and make a call, all five participants will be speaking with the party on the other end, creating true mobile conferencing. Noise gates and noise suppression algorithms greatly reduce chatter in noisy environments.

The Phoenix MCS comes pre-paired and certified with the included Dragon V2 headsets and Drone, a Bluetooth PC/Mac USB adapter with 100m range. Simply turn on the unit and users will automatically establish an audio link with the other five headsets allowing instant communication without requiring any further setup.

The Phoenix MCS comes equipped with Callpod's revolutionary and patented Bluetooth(R) mobile conferencing 6-channel base unit, five Callpod Dragon V2 headsets, a Callpod Drone USB adapter; a Chargepod with six mini-USB adapters to charge all five Dragons at once, an AC/DC adapter with interchangeable prongs for international use, a car charger and high impact carrying case and molded insert foam.

The Dragon V2 Class-1 Bluetooth Headset - 100 Meter Range

Leave the phone 100 meters or 328 ft (100m) range behind and freely roam around with the Dragon V2. The Dragon V2 can connect with a PC for Skype(R) calls simultaneously, allowing users to switch between a PC and mobile phone with a press of a button. With advanced dual-mic noise suppression(TM), the callers on the other end will enjoy crystal clear voice quality in almost any noisy environment. The Dragon V2 works with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, computers and PDAs.

The Chargepod is a versatile 6-in-1 Charger that simultaneously charges popular portable devices including iPhones, iPods, Blackberrys, Palm Treos, in addition to hundreds of other cell phones, PDA, GPS devices, cameras and portable gaming devices. Devices can be charged at home, in the car or while traveling. The Chargepod is a convenient yet simple and smart technology that saves space and frees up electrical outlets.

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Callpod is an emerging technology company that has created and patented unique audio conferencing and content sharing technologies for wireless consumer electronic devices and cellular telephones. It is a strategic solution provider as well as reference and ASIC designer for manufacturers of cellular, consumer electronics and wireless devices. Its products include the Chargepod, Dragon V2, Drone and Phoenix Mobile Communication System with many more to come. For more information please visit

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