Application Processor integrates display/interface functions.

Press Release Summary:

Model S1C33L17 is suited for analog input large-screen, full-graphic LCDs and supports various interfaces. Unit features color LCD control circuit compatible with up to 16-bit color TFT-type LCDs and includes USB 2.0 connectivity, AD converter, and interfaces for electronic media, SDRAM, and NAND flash memory. It includes I2S external interface, enabling selection of 16- or 24-bit resolution for I/O channel, and supports stereo, monaural, and mute outputs.

Original Press Release:

Epson Develops Application Processor Offering a One-Chip Solution for Integrating Display and Interface Functions

- Provides a 10% Increase in Operating Frequency Compared to Conventional Products

- TOKYO, Japan, May 8, 2008 -

Seiko Epson Corporation ("Epson") has developed the S1C33L17, an application processor that is ideally suited to analog input large-screen full-graphic LCD displays and various interfaces, as well as to portable devices such as electronic dictionaries, which require high-level data processing and displays. This application processor is also ideal for operation panels and display system devices, which require such functions as display, and operation by means of touch-panel or key-input.

This product offers a one-chip solution integrating functions such as color LCD control circuit, USB 2.0 device connectivity, AD converter, and interfaces for electronic media, SDRAM, and NAND flash memory, that are required for electronic dictionaries, operation panels, and display system devices. Compared with conventional products, the S1C33L17 enables even faster processing capabilities by providing a 10% increase in operating frequency, and its color LCD control circuit boosts its compatibility with TFT-type liquid crystal displays from 12-bit color (4,000 colors) to 16-bit color (64,000 colors).

The I2S(*) external interface has made it possible to select 16- or 24-bit resolution for the input/output channel by boosting compatibility from supporting only a 16-bit input channel to supporting a 16/24-bit input/output channel. Furthermore, as an output mode, it supports stereo, monaural, and mute outputs.

Depending on the hardware, this product can accommodate accelerators to support features such as Picture in Picture, thereby enabling users of the chip to achieve advanced image capabilities with a minimum of development work. Moreover, power consumption during operation has been reduced by changing the frequency division ratio of the CPU clock and controlling clocks for each block of functions. In addition, employing Epson's unique low-leak technology makes it possible to minimize power leakage in sleep mode. This new application processor offers both the high level of functional integration and long battery life demanded by electronic dictionaries, operation panels, and display system devices.

* I2S: The Inter-IC Sound Bus - A serial bus interface used in audio data transmission.

General Specifications

Model S1C33L17
Core CPU S1C33000 RISC PE core
Main clock/Sub clock 66MHz (Max.)/32.768KHz (Typ.)
CPU (45MHz)/SDRAM (90MHz) possible depending on settings
Built-in ROM -
Built-in RAM 8 Kbyte
Display RAM 12 Kbyte
(When display RAM is not used, operation as internal RAM is possible)
IDMA RAM 2 Kbyte
LCD controller STN/TFT Interface (supports up to 16 bpp)
Maximum resolution: 320 x 240 (IVRAM only 1bpp display)
Picture in Picture function
USB function controller Supports USB 2.0 full speed mode (12 Mbps)
FIFO 1 Kbyte
(4 general-purpose endpoints + control)

SDRAM controller Supports SDRAM clock up to max. 90 MHz
ADC Successive approximation 10 bit: 5ch
Timer 16 bit (PWM): 4ch
WDT: 1ch
RTC: 1ch
External interface FIFO SIO: 3ch (1ch is compatible with ISO7816)
SPI: 1ch
I2S: 2ch (Input, Output)
DMAC High-speed: 4ch Intelligent: 128ch
External bus controller Address bus: 25 bit
Data bus: 8 or 16 bit (selectable)
I/O ports Input/output: 82*1
Boot functions 8/16-bit external ROM
SPI external Serial Flash ROM
NAND Flash
Supply voltage Core: 1.8V (typ.)
I/O: 3.3V (typ.)
Power consumption*2 SLEEP mode: 1.0 µA (typ.)
HALT mode: 3.0 mA (typ.)
Operating: 19 mA (typ.)
Shipping configuration Bare chip (90µm pitch)
TQFP24-144 (0.4 mm pitch)
FBGA 12U-180 (0.8 mm pitch)

*1 Terminals shared with other peripheral functions

*2 Target

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