Server Solution turns Flash into DRAM-class memory.

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Compatible with existing infrastructure, GreenGateway(TM) enables Internet data centers to keep pace with performance and energy demands. It turns compute-centric servers into large-memory, data-centric servers that offer random access, low-power, non-volatile flash memory to handle Internet search, social networking, data analytics, and content distribution applications. Resulting DRAM-class read performance with larger memories improves server efficiency and application throughput.

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Virident Unveils Green Platform Strategy to Meet Internet Data Center Demands for Energy Efficiency, Accelerated Growth

Virident GreenGateway(TM) turns Flash into DRAM-class memory enabling high-capacity, industry standard data-centric servers

MILPITAS, Calif., June 24 -- Virident Systems announced today that it has developed the first data-centric technology platform to deliver a new class of green memory, servers and applications for the data center. Virident's high-performance, low-power platform solution enables Internet data centers to cost-effectively keep pace with the rising performance and energy demands of Internet-scale.

GreenGateway(TM), conceived and developed by Virident, turns today's compute-centric servers into large memory data-centric servers. This new class of servers offers random access, low-power, non-volatile, high-performance flash memory to applications such as Internet search, social networking, data analytics and content distribution. The Virident GreenGateway, combined with a new memory solution, Spansion(R) (NASDAQ:SPSN) EcoRAM(TM), announced by Spansion today, provides DRAM-class read performance with larger memories, improving server efficiency and application throughput immediately. Ultimately, this sets the stage for several revolutionary changes in Internet server design and power efficiency to be announced in the future by Virident.

According to the Gartner Group, energy costs could soon consume as much as half of an organization's IT budget. Growth in systems is being driven by the explosion of data on the Internet. The size of data stores is estimated to be quadrupling every 18 months on major Internet sites, and the number of queries per terabyte is doubling every 18 months. Unfortunately, according to McKinsey and Company, most of these servers in the data center remain at very low levels of CPU utilization -- about 20%. In response, companies are forced to build and grow data centers faster than ever before, driving up infrastructure costs, and resulting in an energy crisis in the data center.

Former Sun CTO and VP/GM Raj Parekh, co-founder and CEO of Virident, said, "Today's servers were not built with the data-centric needs of the Internet in mind. As a result, compute-centric servers in Internet data centers can be made far more efficient with faster access to larger main memories. We created GreenGateway to enable Flash memory to replace DRAM and deliver performance and energy efficiency. We are thrilled to work with Spansion and their EcoRAM solution. The GreenGateway platform will enable Internet companies to access far larger main memories, achieving growth while living within the pressing power, space and cost constraints of the data center. Ultimately green technology will save the data center. At Virident, our goal is to make green and growth possible."

GreenGateway technology encompasses software, silicon, and hardware innovation. Systems based on the GreenGateway platform will deliver substantial improvements in memory density and power efficiency (QPS/Watt) without requiring any changes to sockets, motherboards, or industry-standard servers. Virident's platform is designed to be seamless and compatible with currently deployed data center hardware and software infrastructure.

The key benefits of the GreenGateway platform include:

-- Ability to greatly increase available main memory in industry standard servers

-- Lower power consumption based on flash memory low power profiles
-- Higher application performance in memory bound applications

-- Ability to consolidate servers based on larger per server memory capacity

-- Improved cluster level TCO based on capital and operating expense savings

-- No need to change existing server designs to incorporate GreenGateway technology

GreenGateway technology, combined with the new Spansion EcoRAM, based on Spansion's MirrorBit(R) Eclipse(TM) flash memory architecture, helps slash energy consumption in Internet data center servers, and offer more memory capacity.

Said Spansion CEO Bertrand Cambou, "Today's announcement gives Internet customers a compelling option to deliver more data faster to their users, while improving energy efficiency and reducing server count. Spansion EcoRAM delivers performance and reliability for the data center. Virident has demonstrated proven technology leadership and we are proud to be working with their exceptional team to solve this critical problem."

GreenGateway is the initial step in the Green Revolution in the data center which will be led by Virident. Virident will eventually develop green servers and software that can take advantage of the unique high density and persistence capabilities of non-volatile memory -- delivering enhanced service continuity and data center-wide improvements in application performance and energy efficiency.

About Virident

Virident is the creator of the first green data-centric technology platform that will deliver a new class of green memory, servers and applications for the data center. Virident's core technology platform delivers energy efficiency, improved server utilization, TCO, and service continuity to companies seeking to meet the demands of Internet-Scale. Virident's GreenGateway technology transforms today's compute-centric servers into large memory data-centric industry standard servers. Virident makes green and growth possible in the Internet data center. Founded in 2006 by notable Silicon Valley veterans from Sun, SGI, Google and Intel, Virident is headquartered in Milpitas, California. For more information, visit

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