Security Appliance protects vulnerable VoIP systems.

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VoIPguard(TM) provides protection against known and new security threats for VoIP systems from Avaya, Cisco, and Nortel, in order to maintain VoIP quality and reliability. Able to protect against known and zero-day attacks, enterprise VoIP Intrusion Prevention System (VIPS) also assures compliance with internal and government regulations. It comes in two models for 1,000 or 10,000 lines/users and is based on constantly updated database of VoIP-specific vulnerabilities and threat signatures.

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VoIPshield Launches VoIPguard(TM) to Protect Vulnerable VoIP Systems from Security Attacks

VoIPaudit Lite(TM) VoIP Vulnerability Assessment System Available for Free Download

OTTAWA, April 3, 2008 -- VoIPshield Systems, the leading provider of enterprise VoIP security solutions, today announced the launch of VoIPguard(TM), the industry's first enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Intrusion Prevention System (VIPS) to provide effective protection against known and new security threats for VoIP systems from Avaya, Cisco and Nortel. Microsoft support will be added in Q3.

Attacks on communication networks can be stopped most effectively if their signatures are known. Years of research by VoIPshield Laboratories, the research division of VoIPshield Systems, has yielded the industry's most comprehensive database of known VoIP attack signatures. These attacks are specific to VoIP, and therefore cannot be detected and stopped by traditional data security products.

"VoIPguard is the first in a new category of security products developed specifically to protect VoIP systems," said Rick Dalmazzi, president and chief executive officer of VoIPshield. "Voice is a real-time application and networks must remain more open to accommodate QoS (quality of service) requirements. It's a hackers dream."

The new category is VIPS, or VoIP Intrusion Prevention Systems. There are two key technical requirements: a VIPS must protect against voice-specific attacks, and it must do so without causing increased latency, jitter or packet loss.

VoIPguard helps IT security and telecommunications professionals maintain VoIP quality, reliability and security at levels comparable to existing circuit-switched voice networks, protect against known and zero-day attacks, and assure compliance with internal and government regulations.

"The VoIPguard VIPS is a logical complement to the VoIPaudit voice vulnerability assessment product. Both are based on VoIPshield's database of VoIP-specific vulnerabilities and threat signatures. We believe the company's research in this area is unique," said Min Wang, senior manager, public services technology infrastructure solutions at BearingPoint.

VoIPguard ships as a 1U security appliance and comes in two models: the VIPS 100 supports up to 1,000 users/lines and the VIPS 500 supports up to 10,000 users/lines. The VIPS 500 is also offered with load sharing and full redundancy options for added reliability. Both models are rated at less than 10 milliseconds call setup delay.

Included in the VoIPguard license is a one-year subscription to VoIPshield Update(TM), which provides ongoing software upgrades and signature updates. As VoIPshield Labs discovers new vulnerabilities, the corresponding signatures can be downloaded by customers to ensure VoIPguard's ability to detect the most recently-discovered exploits. The product is also capable of preventing undiscovered attacks, through proprietary anomaly-based and behavior-based detection technology.

"We believe our customers, especially financial institutions, will be very interested in this product," said Ray Nelson, CTO of Consultedge, an Avaya platinum business partner and VoIPshield Solution Partner in New York and New Jersey. "Security threats are a fact of life in any IP network. We're starting to see security requirements show up in the RFPs we respond to, and it makes good sense."

VoIPshield is also making a basic version of its award-winning VoIP Vulnerability Assessment appliance, VoIPaudit(TM), available as a free software download. VoIPaudit Lite gives the prospective VoIPaudit Enterprise buyer a no-cost introduction to the product. VoIPaudit Lite is a single-user license, includes vulnerabilities for a single vendor, and scans up to 128 targets on a single network. It runs on any Windows and Linux PC.

"Many of the companies we talk to are still in the investigation stage," Dalmazzi said. "By unbundling the software and offering it as a download, we allow companies to easily obtain a preliminary assessment of the state of their VoIP network's security."

"We are seeing increasing demand for vulnerability assessments and penetration testing of VoIP installations", said Greg Morse, president and founder of Razorpoint Security Technologies in New York, a VoIPshield Solution Partner. "The VoIPaudit product will be a valuable addition to our toolset. The ongoing updates to the vulnerabilities database enable us to regularly assess new threats to our clients' VoIP environments."

VoIPguard, VoIPaudit and VoIPaudit Lite are available immediately. VoIPguard and VoIPaudit will be sold through Authorized VoIPshield Solution Partners, and for a limited time, directly from the company. VoIPaudit Lite is available as a download from the company's website.

For more information about VoIPguard, VoIPaudit and VoIPaudit Lite, visit

About VoIPshield Systems

VoIPshield Systems Inc. develops products to secure voice communications on IP networks. Each application uses VoIPshield's proprietary database of VoIP-specific vulnerabilities and corresponding threat signatures, developed by VoIPshield Laboratories. VoIPaudit(TM) is an award-winning VoIP vulnerability assessment product. VoIPguard(TM) is the industry's first VoIP Intrusion Prevention System (VIPS) based on signature-based and behavior-based detection technology. More information is available at

CONTACT: Tony Keller of SS|PR, +1-719-634-8279,, for VoIPshield Systems

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