Industrial Vending Machine dispenses gloves and PPE.

Press Release Summary:

Providing 24/7 access to gloves and personal protective equipment, EleVend pushes supply of product up from bottom until it reaches top of bin, then measures distance elevator traveled and decrements appropriate amount of product from inventory. Standard configuration includes 21 bins with keypad tower, and requires no special packaging. It supports barcode, magnetic swipe, and proximity card input for access.

Original Press Release:

EleVend Glove & PPE Dispenser

AutoCrib, Inc is pleased to announce the EleVend, their newest industrial vending machine. The EleVend system pushes the supply of product up from the bottom until it reaches the top of the bin. The system then measures the distance the elevator traveled and decrements the appropriate amount of product from the inventory. This machine provides 24 hour a day access to your fast moving gloves, PPE and other items in a secure format with a simple to use keypad or touchscreen interface.

"Maintaining a more accurate inventory and reducing cost by monitoring the dispensing of gloves and PPE using vending technology has provided significant cost savings for the end user for some time," explains AutoCrib CEO Stephen Pixley. "However, it has added costs for the supplier both in repackaging and the time it takes to load traditional vending machines. The new EleVend eliminates repackaging as well as significantly reducing the time associated with loading the machines."

The primary benefits of the system include eliminating the need for special repackaging, capacity and its ability to process a great deal of transactions in a short period of time compared to other dispensing machines. Repackaging of gloves for traditional helix/coil based dispensing machine technology is a very labor-intensive procedure. With the EleVend, simply place gloves on top of each other (alternating left and right) in its deep vertical bins. These bins have the capacity to store as many as 96 pair of gloves, perfect for high volume applications.

To pull item(s) the user enters their employee number followed by the bin# of the item they wish to access. The lid automatically pops open for that bin so that the user can take as many of the items as needed and closes the lid when finished. The system pushes the supply of product up from the bottom until it reaches the top of the bin. The system stops the vertical motion of the product when it breaks the beam of a low powered laser while measuring the distance the elevator traveled and decrements the appropriate amount from inventory.

o Works well with Knit Gloves
o Works well with Boxes of Gloves
o Fast Dispense
o Low Maintenance
o No Special Packaging Required for Items
o Connects to Existing AutoCrib Systems
o Standard Configuration Includes 21 Bins with a Keypad Tower (up to 78 Bins in 1 Crib)
o Supports Barcode, Magnetic Swipe and Proximity Card Input for Access

AutoCrib is accepting orders now for delivery at the end of Q1 2008

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AutoCrib is an innovator in "point-of-use" dispensing systems or tool vending machines, with over 4,000 installations worldwide. The basic concept of tool vending has evolved into a wide variety of products that assist manufacturers in controlling perishable tooling, safety supplies, MRO supplies and other "indirect materials". The product line includes handheld scanners, automated lockers, automated cabinets, traditional vending, and robotic carousel systems. The systems are driven by AutoCrib's powerful tool crib software, allowing users to perform issue and return tasks at a traditional tool crib window while simultaneously managing many different types of point of use dispensing machines.

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