5301PD Power Drive

Reed's 5301PD Power Drive rotates the pipe while cutting, threading, or reaming operations are performed on up to 2" diameter pipe and conduit. Reed offers both a basic 5301PD machine with foot pedal and the 5301PD Complete including a tripod, transporter, oiler, carriage, reamer, pipe cutter, universal die head, universal dies, and cutting oil. WHY REED? Flat top of housing is ideal for placing tools. 5301PD includes long-lasting HSS dies, not alloy dies. The 5301PD is compatible for power roll grooving. It can be used with popular Roll Groovers including Reed's RG6S, RG6CU, and new RG6HDCOMBO models. Also, Reed's 5301PD Power Drives are approved to the latest USA and CSA Canadian standards!

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