Software aids SCORM-based content development/testing.

Press Release Summary:

Trident v2.0 provides users with integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, testing, and packaging SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model)-based e-learning content. Along with full support for SCORM standards and tool-set for SCORM content developers, solution features Run-Time Environment that lets developers launch content and experience it - as learners would, by using SCORM learning management system - without leaving IDE.

Original Press Release:

Redbird Software Announces Release of Trident 2.0 for SCORM Development

Kansas City, MO -- April 17, 2007 -- Redbird Software, creator of SCORM development tools, announced today the release of Trident 2.0, the integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, testing, and packaging SCORM e-learning content. The newest version of Trident includes support for the latest SCORM standards and an expanded tool-set for SCORM content developers.

"One of Trident's new features users are most excited about is the included Run-Time Environment," says Ben Edwards, founder of Redbird Software and lead developer of Trident. "Trident's Run-Time Environment allows developers to launch content and experience it as learners would using a SCORM learning management system, without leaving the IDE."

Other SCORM content development tools treat content creation and run-time testing as separate tasks. Trident allows SCORM content developers to test their content in the same environment as they create it. The benefit is faster development and better quality of e-learning content. "Launching SCORM content in a run-time environment now requires only a single click. Developers don't have to package the content and then upload it to a server as separate steps," says Edwards.

SCORM, or the Shareable Content Object Reference Model, is a collection of technical standards for web-based e-learning. The SCORM standards, published by the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative, are adopted by government, academia, and industry worldwide. SCORM defines how e-learning content is described, packaged, and delivered to facilitate reuse and interoperability.

SCORM's goals for interoperability are the focus of Trident 2.0's new features and enhancements. Improved conformance requirement validation is another feature Redbird Software has provided to make SCORM compatibility easier to achieve. The SCORM standard documents several hundred conformance requirements that content packages must satisfy. Trident validates content against these requirements and provides detailed descriptions of violations.

"We've examined the tools and resources developers need to produce SCORM-conformant content and brought them all together in an integrated development environment." Edwards adds, "Trident is truly deserving of the title, 'The SCORM IDE.'"

E-learning developers interested in SCORM conformance or already using SCORM technology can download a free trial version of Trident from Redbird Software's website at

Trident 2.0 is available at an introductory price of $349 (USD) per developer license, including maintenance and support.

About Redbird Software:

Redbird Software creates SCORM development tools and is focused on providing software and support for developers of e-learning technology and standards. Redbird's flagship product, Trident, is an integrated development environment for creating, testing, and packaging SCORM content. Redbird Software is a recognized SCORM Adopter Partner of the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative.

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