5 Reasons to Replace Your Legacy Systems with Dependable New Solutions

With dataTaker Series 3 Intelligent Data Loggers

CHESTERLAND OH - Across the country, industrial plants and factories continue to rely on aging legacy systems to control and oversee their vital manufacturing and process operations. These older systems, including the dataTaker DT50, DT51, DT53, DT505, DT605, DT515, and DT615 model dataloggers have endured for many years in a broad spectrum of industries and tasks. However, dataTaker and its suppliers can no longer support these critical systems, and available part supplies are dwindling. As dataTaker's master distributor in North America, CAS DataLoggers has 5 compelling reasons for your business to replace its outdated technology with the new dataTaker Series 3 solutions:

1. Lacking support, these older systems only grow more prone to failure or accident. These devices are fast becoming unrepairable as increasingly, dataTaker and its suppliers can no longer support the 500/600/800 legacy data loggers. As these products near the end of their lifetime, there's no guarantee that they can be serviced or replaced (for example if a board gets fried) potentially leading to a huge delay in production or damage to your equipment.

2. Gain a powerful, versatile communications suite including RS232 with modem support, Ethernet and USB memory stick ports enabling the logger to connect locally, remotely or over the Internet. The web interface allows you to configure the dataTaker datalogger, access logged data and see current measurements as mimics or in a list using a web browser. FTP provides data to your office over the internet or mobile phone network without any need for polling or specific host software.

3. User-friendly software: dEX is an intuitive graphical interface built-in with the new Series 3 dataTaker loggers that allows you to configure the data logger, view real-time data in mimics, trend charts or tables, and retrieve historical data for analysis. dEX runs directly from a web browser and can be accessed anywhere that a TCP/IP connection is available, including worldwide over the Internet. Any of the logger's built-in communications ports can view dEX including Ethernet, USB and RS-232.

4. Those older dataTaker models are serial-connected devices only, and lack the same voltage capacity in terms of range as Series 3. As the legacy systems begin to die out, your company has an excellent opportunity to take advantage of all the improved functionality and reliability of the newest data loggers.

5. Get an immediate notification the moment your value goes out of specification on dataTaker Series 3 dataloggers, such as when temperature starts to rise and poses a threat to equipment and products. This feature can more than pay for your new system in a single event when you consider the production delays that could easily happen using a legacy system while waiting for a repair that might never come.

Series 3 dataTaker intelligent datalogging systems feature universal input channels that can be used with a wide range of input signal types and record Temperature, Voltage, Current, 4-20mA Loops, Resistance, Bridges, Strain Gauges, Frequency, Digital, Serial and Calculated Measurements. These device also offer powerful alarm and programming capabilities allow them to process measurements and initiate actions on their own.

For more information on the rugged new dataTaker Series 3 data loggers capable of measuring almost any physical value, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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