5-Axis Gantry Mill features dual spindle rams.

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Designed to machine large parts, hard metals, and complex geometries, U5-1500DR Universal Machining Center features dual ram design that enables simultaneous 5-axis, 5-side machining of 2 identical parts, mirrored parts, or 2 features on single part. System provides 14 ft X-axis, which can be expanded in 12 ft increments to unlimited X-axis travel for long parts. Y-axis has 16.4 ft overall range - 8.2 ft per spindle for dual part processing, while Z-axis travel is 5 ft to accommodate tall parts.

Original Press Release:

Dual-Spindle 5-Axis Gantry Mill Doubles Throughput on 5-Side Machining of Large Parts

Dual spindle rams give universal machining center unmatched arsenal for lean production of large parts -- two-at-once throughput, interchangeable heads and 5-axis processing increase part accuracy, with reduced floor space, work in process, and setups MAG doubles the productivity of its lean-machining solution for large parts, adding a second spindle ram to its U5-1500 universal machining center. The new U5-1500DR fits two spindle rams to the U5's massive, modular gantry platform, providing the stiffness to aggressively machine large parts, hard metals and complex geometries with extreme accuracy. The dual ram design enables simultaneous 5-axis, 5-side machining of two identical parts, mirrored parts (left and right hand), or two features at the same time on a single part. Wide application versatility with dual rams brings greater throughput and processing efficiencies to "big machine" manufacturers - aerospace, off-road and heavy equipment, energy, die-mold, marine, mining. etc. Engineered by MAG to bring the lean machining revolution to large, high-value, complex-geometry parts, U5-1500 universal machining centers enable 5-axis machining and contouring with automatic interchangeable heads to minimize machine downtime, part reorientations, set-ups and damage potential for massive, high-value workpieces. The machine's robust construction makes it ideal for heavy, tough cuts in big parts of steel, titanium, crusty forgings or aluminum. Adaptable for a great range of part size and shape requirements, the U5-1500DR provides 4.3 m (14 ft) X-axis and can be expanded in 3.7 m (12 ft) increments to unlimited X-axis travel for long parts. The Y-axis has a generous 5 m (16.4 ft) overall range - 2.4 m (8.2 ft) per spindle for dual part processing. Exceptional Z-axis travel of 1.5 m (5 ft) accommodates taller parts and optimizes tool access for machining interior part features. The heavy-duty Z-axis ram with 508 mm (20 in) cross section supports multiple head configurations and spindle power options, while linear feed rates up to 20 m/min (787 ipm) enable fast response in heavy cuts on hard metals. Strong, rigid rails feature proven boxway technology and dual-motor, rack-and-pinion drive for smooth, precise movement at high thrust levels. Head and spindle options cover the spectrum of machining requirements. The U5-1500DR can be outfitted with a range of high-torque or high-speed spindles, choice of tapers, and vertical, horizontal or 5-axis head configurations. Automatic head change takes less than two minutes. Five-axis and horizontal heads feature continuous C-axis to keep the spindle in-cut without running out of C-axis travel or waiting for C-axis to unwind. Custom head configurations are also available. The U5-1500DR provides superior precision on critical parts with repeatability of 0.038 mm (0.0015 in) in the X axis, 0.008 mm (0.00031 in) the Y-Z axes, and 14 arc second accuracy in C axis. Feedrates up to 20 m/min optimize processing efficiencies on large part surfaces. A vast selection of options - including a rail or bridge/moving table platform, automatic tool change, and especially automatic head change - make the U5-1500DR an ideal, customizable solution for large prismatic part manufacturers looking for lowest cost-per-part production. Heads store in their own cradle within a separate headstand located near the work zone for easy access. Automatic head change can be integrated with a tool storage module to provide auto-positioning changes and minimize cycle time for changing tools or exchanging heads. Tool magazines are expandable, with options for storage for up to 120 tools on the bridge/moving table machine and 63 tools on the rail machine. About MAG
MAG is a leading machine tool and systems company serving the durable goods industry worldwide with complete manufacturing solutions. With a strong foundation based upon renowned brands such as Cincinnati, Cross Hüller, Fadal, Giddings & Lewis, Hüller Hille, Witzig & Frank, Hessapp, Ex-Cell-O, Honsberg and Boehringer, MAG is recognized as the preeminent provider of tailored production solutions based on state-of-the-art technology. Key markets served include aerospace, automotive and truck, heavy equipment, oil and gas, rail, solar energy, wind turbine production and general machining. With manufacturing and support operations strategically located worldwide, MAG offers comprehensive lines of equipment and technologies including process development, automated assembly, turning, milling, automotive powertrain production, composites processing, maintenance, automation and software, and core components. For more information about MAG, please visit: www.mag-ias.com

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