4Front Engineered Solutions Takes the Show on the Road

Carrollton, TX: 4Front Engineered Solutions, a manufacturer of loading dock equipment for the material handling industry, has announced that its mobile showroom is currently on tour across the country.

The 53-foot semi-trailer showcases the latest dock and door products from 4Front and is equipped with 4Front's full line of dock levelers, vehicle restraints, doors, control panels, seals, shelters and other product solutions.

The trailer is outfitted with full-size, working equipment that we can demonstrate to customers at their locations, says Steve Sprunger, vice president of sales and marketing. "The idea is to bring our solutions to the customer in order to enhance their design, evaluation and selection process."

The trailer will be in Chicago until Friday, July 13. Afterward it will be in Detroit and Grand Rapids, MI from July 16-23; Dayton and Cleveland, OH from July 24-26; Pittsburgh, PA from July 27-30; Toronto, Canada from July 31-August 3.

In addition to the equipment, the trailer incorporates a state-of-the-art audio/visual system including a satellite dish and 42-inch LCD monitors that allow customers access to live streaming video of 4Front's manufacturing facilities.

One side of the trailer slides out an additional four feet to accommodate group demonstrations, AIA and other related dock education programs, as well as operator and service training.

To schedule an appointment, or have the trailer come to your location, please call 877-778-DOCK (3625) or send an email to trailer@4FrontES.com. A typical tour of the showroom takes about an hour.

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