Software manages and produces data for EDM machining.

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Providing stability in process management, SIGMA software aids in organization of jobs and orders, job management, status control of all objects in process chain, off-set management, magazine position assignment, and data transfer to machines. It connects EDMs, machining centers, CMMs, and work changing systems to central programming station. Software stores information from individual orders and retains data on job management including machining operations.

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Charmilles' SIGMA Offers Total Process Management

Lincolnshire, Illinois, June 2, 2006 - Charmilles' new SIGMA software offers users the total package for managing and producing specific data for EDM machining. The new system provides increased productivity and stability in process management.

Designed with maximum efficiency at its core, Charmilles SIGMA aids in the organization of jobs and orders, job management, status control of all objects in the process chain, off-set management, magazine position assignment and data transfer to machines. The software connects EDMs, machining centers, CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines) and workchanging systems to a central programming station, simplifying the coordination of resources and increasing productivity.

At its most basic level, Charmilles SIGMA stores information from individual orders, such as order and part numbers. The software also retains data on job management, including machining operations required by a part and the NC programs required by these operations. Off-set information is automatically imported through interaction with a CMM.

Charmilles SIGMA also carries out complicated tasks, aiding with the creation and organization of work batches. A batch represents a complete program for the machining of one or several work pieces, consisting of subprograms, magazine positions and off-set values. Magazine assignment can be entered manually or automatically.

For the highest level of automation, an optional identification system can be implemented with Charmilles SIGMA. By attaching unique ID chips to pallets and electrode holders, the system automatically identifies a pallet or electrode holder and brings up all relevant stored information on the item. This adds a high level of security, ensuring that jobs consistently run with the correct NC program, electrode, off-set values and magazine position.

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