Utility Knife Holster features built-in blade snapper.

Press Release Summary:

Eliminating need to use pliers to snap blade segments, BLADEater® holster has blade snapper with guided corner slot, enabling users to snap blades with one hand. Broken blade segments are safely contained in disposable blade well. Ergonomically designed holster clips to pocket, work apron, or tool belt. When all blades have been snapped off into disposable well, cartridge can be lifted out of holster and replaced with new 10-blade refill cartridge.

Original Press Release:

Holster with Built-In Blade Snapper

The amazing new patented BLADEater® holster, by DesignOvations, Inc., snaps segmented utility knife blades faster and safer. The holster's built-in blade snapper has a guided corner side slot, which makes it easy to snap blades using only one hand. Broken blade segments are safely contained in the disposable blade well.

The BLADEater® saves valuable production time, money, and energy. This cleverly designed knife holster combo eliminates the need to use pliers to snap blade segments, keeping the other hand free for other tasks. It saves additional production time by keeping track of knife and spare blades. Two-handed methods are awkward, and small blade segments often fall to the floor, or go flinging through the work area, making a hazardous work environment. Blade segments are often left lying around, or end up breaking through a plastic trash bag.

The BLADEater® is ergonomically designed for comfort and easily clips to a pocket, work apron, or tool belt. Fingers never have to touch broken blade segments, and eyes are kept at a safe distance. No more flinging or stray blades in the work area, thus cutting down on work related injuries. When all blades have been snapped off into the disposable blade well, the cartridge can then be lifted out of the holster and replaced with a new 10-blade refill cartridge.

The BLADEater's® on-board blade storage compartment has two latches for added safety. When opened, it reveals another slot that is designed to dispose of the longer end piece of the used blade. New blades are easily accessed from the blade storage compartment. The holster also has a knife clip mount on the back of the holster to secure the knife while navigating scaffolding, etc.

The BLADEater's® is being used by window tinting installers, wallpaper hangers, pool lining installers, shipping and packing departments, graphic artists, etc.

The BLADEater® received rave reviews by the Handyman Club of America, proving that it is safer and faster than the older methods. Look for it in the 2006 July/August issue.

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