Business Management System has Linux-based back end.

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Designed for back-end deployment on Nitix Linux-based OS, Sage Accpac ERP uses IBM DB2 or Pervasive.SQL database to provide automated ERP administration. Front-end software can be run on both Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems, with ability to run Linux and Windows clients in parallel against same database. Sage Accpac ERP also enables small enterprises freedom to choose from variety of industry leading databases.

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Sage Software Announces Sage Accpac ERP with Nitix, A Revolutionary New Business Management Choice Offering Freedom from Microsoft Technology 'Stack'

Pleasanton, Calif., and Markham, Ontario, Canada - December 5, 2005 - Sage Software and Net Integration Technologies, Inc. (NITI) announced today the availability of the award-winning Sage Accpac ERP business management system for deployment on the Nitix Linux-based operating system. The combination of Sage Accpac and Nitix provides SMBs and small enterprises with a simple to install, easy to use Linux-based back end with a Windows-based ERP front end. This unique combination substantially reduces overall installation and setup time, and provides automated administration that eliminates the need for in-house IT resources.

The Sage Accpac and Nitix solution uses either the IBM DB2 or Pervasive.SQL database1, giving Sage Accpac ERP clients the freedom to eliminate two key components of the Microsoft technology 'stack' on the back-end: Microsoft Windows Server software and Microsoft SQL Server. This provides business owners with significantly reduced licensing fees, without sacrificing any convenience, performance, compatibility, reliability or security. Since the Sage Accpac Windows-based desktop is retained, end users don't have to be retrained or learn any new skills.

Deployable on either IBM xSeries or Net Integrator server hardware, Nitix for Sage Accpac ERP represents an incredibly fast, simple, and easy 'drop-in' Linux-based operating system for Sage Accpac ERP clients, making installation and deployment faster and more cost-effective than ever before.

"The beauty of Sage Accpac ERP with Nitix is that clients are up and running with their first class business management solution on a premium, Linux-based operating system platform much faster than what previously might have typically taken the better part of an entire day just to install and configure the server infrastructure," said Craig Downing, vice president and general manager for Sage Accpac. "The ease of use of deploying Sage Accpac ERP on Nitix is historic and unparalleled. It's truly a worry-free, lower-cost alternative to Microsoft server infrastructure, requiring little or no technical expertise for Sage Accpac users. Our business partners and clients will enjoy much faster implementations, plus immediate ROI with lower licensing fees."

Ease of use, incredibly fast, simple server installation

Installation and migration of data are simple using this special Nitix platform for Sage Accpac ERP. After installing Sage Accpac ERP, clients can be up and running with their combination 'Linux-based back end with a Windows-based ERP front end' business management system. Sage Accpac ERP installation with Nitix server deployment enables installation with substantially less time and effort than a typical Sage Accpac ERP installation with Microsoft Windows Server software and Microsoft SQL Server deployment. Instead of what typically might entail nearly a full day of server installation and configuration tasks2, users simply insert a single installation CD, which includes the Nitix operating system, backup software, database engine, other server components, and the fully configured Sage Accpac ERP databases. The solution can be installed in just a few minutes, with just a few mouse clicks.

Net Integration Technologies has extensively tuned the database and backup software for optimal performance with Sage Accpac ERP. Other features of Nitix, such as automated back up to disk, restore, and disaster recovery technology, plus RAID capabilities, and immunity from Windows-based viruses and worms, make this a preferred alternative to Microsoft server technology. Nitix provides SMBs and small enterprises with significant cost savings compared with traditional Microsoft server licensing fees, plus increased security and reliability, thus giving them a true competitive advantage.

Each edition of Sage Accpac ERP (100, 200, and 500) has been tested and certified by Sage Software on the Nitix platform.

"Sage Accpac ERP with Nitix is a great solution," said Chris Brown, applications programmer for Sage Accpac business partner Synergy Plus Solutions, Inc. of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. "I have it set up on our own network, and I haven't had to worry about a thing. We just plugged it into our network and it works. You can connect to your network and it easily fits right into your existing Microsoft Windows environment. I like the fact that it is designed for simple installation and it just runs. I will be recommending Sage Accpac ERP with Nitix to our clients immediately as a cost-effective business management solution."

Sage Accpac ERP - Freedom of Choice

Unlike competitors, Sage Accpac ERP can be run on both Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems, including the ability to run Linux and Windows clients in parallel against the same database. Sage Accpac ERP also continues to provide small enterprises with the freedom to choose from a variety of industry leading databases, including IBM(r) DB2(r) (a 3-user DB2 license is included free of charge with a license of Sage Accpac ERP), Pervasive.SQL(r), Oracle(r), and Microsoft SQL Server, in addition to deploying on either the Microsoft, Linux(r) or IBM OS400 operating systems. Sage Accpac ERP can be operated alone or integrated with other Sage Accpac end-to-end business management applications that include customer relationship management (CRM), point-of-sale (POS), human resources (HR), and warehouse management, among others. It can also be deployed either on premises, or hosted online at

Pricing and Availability

Sage Accpac ERP with Nitix is available from both Sage Accpac and Net Integration Technologies business partners starting at SRPs of $595 (USD) for Sage Accpac 100 ERP, and $2,499 (USD) for Nitix for Sage Accpac ERP. To locate a Sage Accpac business partner, call 1-800-945-8007, or visit

About Net Integration Technologies

Net Integration Technologies Inc. (NITI) is a software developer that delivers autonomic, Linux-based server operating system (OS) solutions to the SMB market. The company's revolutionary Nitix server OS sets new standards in stability, security, affordability and ease-of-use for small to mid-sized businesses. Nitix-powered servers have earned the company numerous awards and rave reviews from notable publications like PC Magazine, CRN, eWeek and InfoWorld. Established in 1997, the company has built a worldwide Approved Partnership Program with over 1,500 reselling partners. NITI is headquartered in Markham, Canada with additional offices in Montreal, the United States and Europe. See for more information.

About Sage Software (formerly Best Software)
Sage Software offers leading business management software and services that support the needs, challenges and dreams of more than 2.4 million small and mid-sized business customers in North America. Its parent company, The Sage Group plc (London: SGE.L), supports 4.7 million customers worldwide. For more than 25 years, Sage Software has delivered easy-to-use, scalable and customizable software for accounting, customer relationship management, human resources, time tracking and the specialized needs of accounting practices and the construction, distribution, manufacturing, nonprofit and real estate industries. For more information, please visit the Web site at or call (866) 308-2378.

1 A 3-user IBM DB2 license is included with Sage Accpac ERP. Additional IBM DB2 licenses, or Pervasive.SQL database licenses, are also available at an additional charge.

2 Times referred to in this release will vary by system and are not indicative of actual times to install the solution on any particular server.

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