Parts Washing System cleans brakes and parts.

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Combining functionality of parts washer and brake washer, SmartWasher model SW-23 features dolly with footstep, sink with angled brush and flexible nozzle, and adjustable timer with choice of 10 or 30 min of continuous flow. Adjustable temperature option is also available. Unit employs bioremediation process, which combines aqueous-based cleaning solution with OzzyMats to dissolve contaminants and physically purify cleaning solution.

Original Press Release:

Clean Brakes and/or General Repair Parts with One Unique Machine

NORCROSS, GA - ChemFree Corp's. SmartWasher line of cost-effective, environmentally safe parts washing systems is getting bigger - and better.

The newest SmartWasher model, the SW-23, is two machines in one - a parts washer and/or brake washer. Designed for the way you work, the SW-23 features a dolly with footstep, a wide sink with angled brush and flexible nozzle and an adjustable timer with your choice of 10 minutes or 30 minutes of continuous flow. The SW-23 also features a unique, adjustable temperature option. The higher temperature option combined with new SW-7 OzzyJuice yields an impressive increase in cleaning performance.

Most important, the SW-23 employs ChemFree's patented bioremediation process, which combines a powerful, aqueous-based cleaning solution with specialized OzzyMats (safe, naturally occurring microbes maintained in the SmartWasher) to dissolve even the toughest contaminants and physically purify the cleaning solution, leaving no hazardous by-products.

ChemFree manufactures a wide range of SmartWashers that are used for degreasing parts. Bioremediation allows the user to eliminate or dramatically reduce waste streams, eliminating the expense of hazardous waste removal contracts and associated liabilities.

"More than ever, organizations are looking for innovations that allow them to operate more responsibly. But innovations are not practical if they are expensive or hard to use. The products that we develop merge environmental responsibility with the things that businesses have always sought like cost effectiveness, safety, durability and most importantly, a product that works," said Tom McNally, ChemFree's Vice President.

ChemFree Corporation is committed to developing and marketing safe, effective parts cleaning systems that reduce the release of VOCs and eliminate the generation of liquid hazardous wastes for automotive, industrial, government and commercial users. ChemFree Corporation was founded in 1993, and is a majority-owned subsidiary of Intelligent Systems Corporation, a publicly traded corporation (AMEX symbol: INS).


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