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Motorized Rotation Stage provides 360° of rotation.

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Motorized Rotation Stage provides 360° of rotation.

Sep 10, 2004 - General-purpose 8MR180 has 2 in. aperture in middle, and coarse angular position is indicated on 360° engraved scale on rotating platform, graduated in 1° increments. Each rotation stage has limit switch and is driven by 200 steps/revolution stepping motor. One step of motor makes for 0.6 arc min of rotation. Used with proprietary controllers, motorized rotator offers rotation speed up to 1 turn/min and greater.

Original Press Release

Motorized Rotation Stage

Press release date: Sep 08, 2004

Motorized Rotation Stages 8MR180 provide 3600 of rotation with high accuracy and stability. This is an excellent general purpose motorized rotator with 2 Inch aperture in the middle. Coarse angular position is indicated on a 3600 engraved scale on the rotating platform, graduated in 10 increments. Using a dial knob on the axle of motor, you can read position to each step of the motor. Each motorized rotation stage has a limit switch, which you can use for rough (to a few steps) automatic reference. For precise zero position, read the dial knob, to decide how many correction steps are needed. Rotation stage is driven by a stepping motor, with 200 steps per revolution. A step of the motor makes for 0.010 (0.6 arcmin) of rotation - the resolution of the rotation stage. Step Motors "Berger Lahr" RDM 253/50(B) or DSh 200-0,08 are used in 8MR180. Step motor is operated by controller (See range of our step motor controllers in section "Motorized Positioners & Controllers") on, which must be obtained separately. With our controllers rotation speed is up to 1 turn/min and greater. The base of rotation stage has 3 clearance holes through to its bottom and 5 pairs of M6 and M4 mounting holes on three sides. So Rotation Stages 8MR180 can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. If you need custom mounting gadgets in order to design assemblies tailored to your specific optical scheme, we make them promptly. Rotation Stages 8MR180 are made of a combination of black anodized aluminium and black finished steel.