3D Wheel Alignment System simplifies mechanics' duties.

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FWA 4630 enables one workshop mechanic to perform precise wheel alignment on all types of cars, including light commercial vehicles, in 7 min. System employs 2 cameras to perform measurements for each wheel, while integrated reference system with camber and inclination pendulums in each sensor head ensures reproducible results without complicated calibration. Universal and mobile design is suitable for use with any lifting platform or wheel alignment pit.

Original Press Release:

Bosch Middle East Launches New 3D Wheel Alignment Technology

First-of-its-kind system performs up to 50 per cent faster than conventional devices

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket has recently launched the "Bosch FWA 4630" in the Middle East, a completely new 3D wheel alignment system. With this new technology, a workshop mechanic requires only around seven minutes to carry out precise wheel alignment on a car, representing a time saving of 50 per cent compared to conventional devices.

The FWA 4630's entire measurement procedure, including runout compensation, can also be performed by just one person, which translates to more cost savings as wheel alignment can be carried out at the same time as tyre changing with little extra effort. The new device uses two high-precision cameras for each wheel to perform measurements, while an integrated reference system with camber and inclination pendulums in each sensorhead ensures reliable, reproducible measurement results without complicated, error-prone calibration.

Volker Bischoff, General Manager, Robert Bosch Middle East, said, "The FWA 4630 is particularly suitable for use in car workshops and tyre service centres where wheel alignment is a regular service. The device's universal and mobile design is suitable for use with any lifting platform or wheel alignment pit, while the FWA 4630's robust system is designed for tough day-to-day workshop activities."

"The technical solution comprising high-tech cameras and integrated reference system is the first of its kind and is patented. The innovative combination allows the sensors to be positioned wherever convenient in the workshop without time-consuming calibration." added Bischoff.

The new technology is fitted with a built-in reference system, resulting in mobile sensors that do not have to be fixed to a workshop lifting platform. Lifting platforms designed for wheel alignment simply need to be fitted with special support brackets for the sensors, which can also be easily detached, freeing up the lifting platform for other work. The new Bosch measuring device is ideal for use in a wheel alignment pit, with the sensors simply placed on the floor next to the vehicle.

However, it is the FWA 4630's rolling runout compensation that is key to rapid measurement coupled with a high degree of accuracy. Unlike conventional runout compensation, the vehicle does not have to be pushed by several mechanics; it can simply be driven. The vibrations caused by the engine do not affect the measurement because the measuring cameras operate at a high frame frequency of 29 frames per second. The wheel alignment process itself is then performed on all wheels simultaneously.

The housing for the FWA 4630's system components consists of elastic, impact-resistant and knock-resistant plastic, which is also resistant to oil and fuels. This ensures that customer vehicles are protected against damage, while also making sure that the rigors of day-to-day workshop activities do not harm the measuring systems themselves. The new FWA 4630 wheel aligner is suitable for aligning all types of cars including light commercial vehicles. The standard boards enable vehicles with a wheelbase of up to 340 centimetres to be aligned. With the larger rear boards available as optional equipment, vehicles with a wheelbase of up to 430 centimetres can be aligned.

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