3D UV Curing Equipment That 's Inexpensive and Versatile

3D UV curing equipment that's inexpensive and versatile.

o Industrial strength UV drying equipment

o Range of units to choose from

o Environmentally advantageous, green! dries in a flash no more bulky ovens.

5-year equipment warranty

Alburgh, Vermont - UV III Systems, Inc., 866-300-7880, introduces a range of light weight hand held UV curing units: The UV-4XL Heavy Duty, the UV Cure Buddy with a slightly smaller footprint, and the UV Multicure starter unit. These hand-held three dimensional UV curing systems are customizable to suit specific customer needs and are easily portable allowing the user to cure large areas with minimal effort and equipment costs. The cure footprints range from 12" to approximately 36" square however there is no limit to the size that you can scan with these units it could be a boat a plane or a building. Many units are currently in use curing a variety of products ranging from aircraft windshields to wooden cabinets and flooring. Some units are dual voltage for use in the US or Europe. These small handhelds work well for those hard-to-get-at areas, and have all of the power needed to cure highly specialized coatings in a production environment or outside on the jobsite.

You can now get a factory finish in any location. The concept is simplicity and convenient onebutton operation.

The units are not computer dependent, and the number of moving parts is minimized, affording minimal maintenance. Replacement bulbs are inexpensive and installed in a few minutes. One person can carry the unit and transport it in the trunk of a car, or, in a backpack.

UV III Systems, Inc. has been building and designing UV units for thirty years, and we are happy to advise on the most suitable process for your specific application.

Contact: Gordon Knight

Phone: 508-883-4881

Email: Gordon@uv3.com

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