3D Scanner provides long-range capabilities.

Press Release Summary:

LMS-Z360 offers 360 deg horizontal and 90 deg vertical scanning angles. Surface geometry is remotely captured in form of dense 3D point clouds that can be exported to software packages for post-processing. Scanner provides measurement ranges from 2 to 200 meters at rates of 6,000 to 18,000 points per second. Angular resolution is 0.002 and 0.0025 deg, and step width is 0.01 deg.

Original Press Release:

Riegl USA Introduces Accurate Long Range 3D Scanner

ORLANDO, Florida --- Riegl USA announces the introduction of the LMS-Z360 3D image scanner with new long range capabilities combined with increased accuracy and fields of view.

The Riegl LMS-Z360 is known as "two scanners in one" because of its incorporation of long range and high accuracy systems, reducing the need of using multiple instruments at the jobsite. The Z360's expanded horizontal and vertical field of views provide high speed scanning capabilities common in the Riegl 3D scanner product line.

Offering 360° horizontal and 90° vertical scanning angles, the LMS-Z360 captures 3D surface geometry of complex structures with speed, accuracy and timesavings. Surface geometry of surfaces is remotely captured in minutes in the form of dense 3D point clouds that can be exported to commonly used software packages for post-processing. The large scanning angle dramatically decreases the number of scans needed to be taken in the field and provides the operator the ability to take in more of the scene while still in the same coordinate system.

The LMS-Z360 comes complete with an array of software used for sensor configuration, data acquisition, visualization, manipulation and archiving.

With the introduction of this new scanner, applications that would commonly require two or more different pieces of equipment are now easily completed with the LMS-360. For example, the instrument may be used for a very detailed as built of a historic facade as well as high speed topographic survey scans of land that involve collection of a large number of coordinates.

The scanner replaces traditional labor-intensive surveying methods by delivering dimensionally correct 3-D images. Benefits include; Lower cost as-built & topographic surveys, eliminate multiple visits to the jobsite, accurate as-builts for retrofit design projects, less construction problems and the ability to
factory-fabricate, reducing costs.

Other Technical Specifications
Obtain accuracy in the low millimeters with measurement ranges from 2 to 200 meters. The LMS-Z360 scans at a rate of 6,000 to 18,000 points per second.

Angular resolution (0.002 and 0.0025 degrees) and step width(0.01 degrees) have been improved which aids in the ability to capture additional detail and improves the accuracy of the system.

Optional hard-and-software accessories also allow smooth integration of the unit into wireless data acquisition and control systems.

The LMS-Z360 is designed to export 3D point cloud data into post processing software like InnovMetric's PolyWorks/Modeler to align multiple 3D datasets into a single coordinate system. Operators then merge overlapping 3D datasets into a high-precision polygonal mesh suitable "Virtual Surveying" of the scene on a computer.

For more information, contact Riegl USA, 7041 Grand National Drive, Suite 232, Orlando, FL 32819. Telephone (407) 248-9927, FAX (407) 248-2636 or e-mail info@rieglusa.com. Riegl USA can also be found on the web at www.rieglusa.com. For more information on the Z420 scanner go to:

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