3 Ways to Connect a Cellular Modem to Accsense Monitoring Systems

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CHESTERLAND OH - Popular in healthcare and life science applications, Accsense monitoring systems utilize a connection to the Internet to monitor a wide range of physical values including temperature, humidity, voltage/current and more. However, this can initially present some difficulty if the user wants to have the easily setup alarming for phone calls and e-mails that Accsense provides, but also has to install it in an area without Ethernet connectivity. In order to operate properly, Accsense monitoring systems must have a connection to the Internet, so if you don't have the ability to get Ethernet, and you need Accsense alarming capabilities, the easiest and quickest solution in this case is to use a cellular modem. The Applications Specialists at CAS DataLoggers have written up this quick 3-step tutorial to ensure that staying connected to your critical data has never been easier.

1. The choice of modem depends largely on which cellular carrier you choose. In North America there are 2 cellular technologies: GSM and CDMA. In the United States, AT&T and T-Mobile are the main large companies using GSM technologies, while Sprint and Verizon are the 2 CDMA carriers. There are also many smaller carriers available to select from. Always ask what technology your carrier uses if you are going to go with a smaller carrier or a prepaid system (if the carrier uses a SIM card, it's generally a GSM carrier).

2. Once you've chosen a particular cellular technology, you'll need to find a modem that has an Ethernet connection on it, and provides a DHCP connection for the Accsense B1-06 gateway or the A2-05 standalone wired pod. You'll also need to check to see if port 443 needs to be opened in the modem's firewall.

3. Since the Accsense system's interface is all contained in the managed webpage at secure.sensornetworkonline.com/SSIWeb/, (you can also go to Accsense.com and click 'Customer Login' at the top menu), after you get the modem properly set up and connected to the cellular network, you're nearly finished. Simply power up the Accsense B1-06 or A2-05, plug in the Ethernet cable, and begin logging data and monitoring for alarms.

As one of the largest data logger distributors in North America, CAS DataLoggers has provided state-of-the art medical monitoring systems for many distinguished medical and academic institutions including Stanford Hospital and Clinics, the Smithsonian Institute, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, New York Hospital Queens, and the US Navy Medical Center, among many others.

For more information on Accsense wired and wireless monitoring systems, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.dataloggerinc.com.

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