3-Stage Air-Cooled PASSAT Series - The Reliable "Workhorse" from Sauer!

What do you expect from a real "workhorse"? That it does its job reliably and untiringly, can adapt to changing circumstances, is cost-effective, and will tolerate errors? Then look no further than the 3-stage air-cooled compressors of the PASSAT series trusty workhorses installed on countless ships sailing the world's oceans. Because they are easy to install and maintain and don't need water cooling systems, air-cooled compressors have long been the preferred choice for shipyards and ship-owners - but in the 2-stage version. However, the limitations of 2-stage compressors became apparent when market developments called for higher capacities. The results were fairly drastic, because these compressors can only be used as reliable starting-air compressors up to about 35-47 scfm (60-80 m3/h).Beyond that, the heat-generating volume becomes too large for the heat-dissipating surface of the cylinder. The solution is to use 3-stage air-cooled compressors, because with this design the preferred air cooling can be used also for starting-air compressors with capacities above 35-47 scfm (60-80 m3/h).

The reasons are obvious:

- The heat to be dissipated is distributed across three stages instead of two stages.

- Although the "heat-generating volume" stays the same, the "heat-dissipating surface" is larger.

- The temperature rise is smaller due to the lower pressure ratio in the individual stages.

Also successful in industrial applications

But landside customers, too, who need compressors for demanding applications such as those in steel mills, hydroelectric or other types of power stations, also rely on the Sauer PASSAT series for pressures up to 653psi(45bar) or even as high as 1,160psi(80bar). More than 1000 units sold per year and the experience gained from more than five million operating hours tell a convincing story: the PASSAT series is a cost efficient and reliable "workhorse" for all industrial uses as well.

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