3 Fabrics Give Glitter and Shine on a Dime!!

When it comes to trade shows and events you have two goals: look fabulous and keep within budget... Not Easy!! But there are some things you can do that are easy and won't push you over budget.

You can add glitter and shine by adding low cost overlays to your standard tablecloths. Three fabrics can give your standard look some glitz and glamour! You can get a 54"x54" overlay for any of the fabrics below for about $15!

Give your standard tablecloths "Pizzaz"

1) Tissue Lame: Lame is all glamour and shine. This gleaming metallic will make your low budget look like big time sophistication. You may not know that this beautiful metallic fabric is very affordable.

Lame is a combination of metallic yarns and synthetic fibers. The fabrics metallic yarns shimmer by catching and reflecting light. Silver and gold are the most popular colors check out the dazzling colors for a unique look. Great for accent bows! This is a difficult fabric to clean so only use this in situations where it won't get grease on it.

Organza and Tissue Lame Reflect Light and Bring Shine to your Displays!

2) Sparkling Organza: Sparkling organza fabric is a soft, sheer fabric which is perfect way to scatter a cloud of sparkles over your table. Sparkling Organza with its tiny metallic flecks can also be used for sheer curtains to bring starlight to your walls. The transparent fabric works well with mixing and matching colors the sheer colors. Organza is fabric is soft enough to tie and stiff enough to be used for bows.

3) Duchess Satin: This satin has a beautiful low luster sheen it has a soft hand and drapes. Duchess Satin has a soft sexy draping appeal and works both as an overlay or even as a full length tablecloth cloth accented by Organza overlay. Duchess Satin is 100% Brushed polyester and is machine washable and easy to care for and comes in a wide assortment of colors.

Soft, sexy satin table coverings.

MVP Visuals is a supplier of event and trade show table covers. www.mvpvisuals.com (800) 980-6871

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