3-Axis Transport Systems offer staging solutions for OEMs.

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Driven by linear motors that generate no heat, 3-axis Transport Systems come in 5 models with 12 x 12, 18 x 12, 28 x 24, 38 x 30, and 50 x 36 in. ranges and 8 in. of Z-axis travel. Units deliver greater than 4 microns accuracy and greater than 3 microns repeatability. Offering speeds to 30 ips, air-bearing transports are close-looped to 1/10 micron linear scales that are bonded to granite X and Y axes. Center drive in all 3 axes minimizes asymmetric thrust and eliminates need for separate scale.

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New High-speed Transport Systems Offer Precise, Affordable Staging Solutions for OEM's.

Blairstown, NJ. U.S.A. (- Operations Technology, Inc. (OPTEK), a manufacturer of precision metrology systems since 1978, has introduced a line of fast, highly accurate three-axis staging/transport systems with superior design features, suitable for a wide range of OEM applications.

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., OPTEK Transport Systems feature granite bases and bearing ways, are driven by linear motors that generate no heat and position to a small fraction of a micron. In addition, these air-bearing transports are close-looped to advanced, one-tenth micron linear scales that are bonded to granite X and Y axes.

With accuracy greater than four microns, repeatability greater than three microns and a transport speed of up to 30 inches per second, the OPTEK systems offer the fastest, most accurate transport solution in the industry. The systems also feature a center drive in all three axes, which reduces asymmetric thrust and eliminates the need for a separate (slave) scale. For optimal stability, systems feature split-axis operation. For example, the product being staged moves in the Y-axis and the camera (or other device) moves in the X-axis.

The systems' Y-axis table and X-axis carriage "float" on air bearings, creating a friction-free operation that is extremely smooth and quiet, even at high speeds. This configuration also permits installation in clean room environments, as no lubrication is necessary. Other design refinements include the absence of expensive, noisy, friction-inducing bellows and pinch points at the front of the machine, which are common in competitive systems.

"Our systems are 100% documented in 3D CAD solids, allowing easy configuration changes for customer applications", said Rich Amon, President of OPTEK. "In addition" continued Amon, "with on-site CNC machining, painting and assembly operations, all systems are fabricated in the USA under one roof, making them a surprisingly affordable solution for OEM's."

Each of OPTEK's five transport systems, available in 12" x 12", 18" x 12", 28" x 24", 38" x 30", and 50" x 36" ranges, are provided with 8" of Z-axis travel. Systems are provided on floor-standing welded steel frames, with or without amplifiers and computer controllers. Custom fiberglass "hoods" are also available, in addition to a variety of other options and accessories, based on customer specifications.

Operations Technology, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing precision metrology systems since 1978. "Our core business has always been precision measuring systems for the printed circuit board fabrication industry and we've recently expanded our business by offering these field-tested transports to OEM's for a variety of other applications", said Amon. For more information on OPTEK transport systems, please contact Rich Amon at 908-362-6200, email ramon@optek.net, or visit www.optek.net/transports . To view one of OPTEK's machines in operation, visit the company's home page and select "interactive", then select "Watch a live 463VSA Demo". Operations Technology Inc. is located at 30 Lambert Road, PO Box 408 Blairstown, N.J. USA, 07825.

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