LED System replaces incandescent lighting.

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LED System, for general illumination applications, provides light output equivalent to incandescent light, plus energy efficiency and long life associated with LEDs. System is easily dimmed, has instant-start capabilities, operates suitably in cold-weather applications, and does not flicker. Polymer optical lens simultaneously concentrates and diffuses light. Variety of sizes, wattages, and colors including white, blue, green, red, and amber are available.

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Westinghouse Lighting Corporation Introduces LED Technology for General Illumination

Patented Polymner Lensing Technology Increases Applicationrs

Philadelphia, PA (May 2003) - Westinghouse Lighting Corporation announces a patented light emitting diode (LED) technology system at LightFair International, New York. This unique system leads the evolution of LED applications from specialty lighting to general illumination.

"Our Westinghouse LED System has many of the convenient characteristics of standard incandescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) combined with the energy efficiency and long life associated with advanced LED technology," said Stan Angelo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Westinghouse Lighting Corporation. According to Angelo, this system can be used in any application where you would typically use incandescent lighting. The light output of the new LED system is equivalent to incandescent light. Unlike CFLs, the system is easily dimmed, has instant start capabilities, operates well in cold weather applications and does not flicker.

Westinghouse is combining their patented polymer lensing technology with LEDs to produce an optically enhanced lighting product. The unique chemical properties and shape of the Westinghouse optical lens provide smooth, uniformly dispersed light output, uncommon to standard LEDs.

The optical lens simultaneously concentrates and diffuses light to produce pleasing light patterns. This technology allows LED light to be utilized in new applications to meet a wide range of optical lighting needs.

Westinghouse LED Systems can be tailored to deliver the specific amount of light and energy savings desired by the customer. The Westinghouse LED lamp is available in al variety of sizes, wattages and colors including white, blue, green, red and amber.

The Westinghouse Lighting Corporation is focusing on LED products to support its strategic goal of leading the lighting industry through technology. "We recognize that LEDs will soon be the primary light source in the United States. Our commitment is to bring the consumer the best lighting technology - quickly," said Angelo.

Westinghouse Lighting Corporation is a leading manufacturer and marketer of more than 5,000 lighting products, including light bulbs, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and decorative electrical products, for consumer and commercial applications. For additional information, call 1-800-999-2226 or visit www.westinghouselighting.com.


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