2012 SID International Symposium Seminar and Exhibition

Abrisa Technologies a global leader in thin film optical coatings, custom glass fabrication and specialty flat glass optics will be participating in the 2012 SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition being held at the Boston Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts, from June 3rd through June 8th - booth # 769.

According to John Schmeling, National Sales Manager for Abrisa Technologies, "We are quite excited about the 2012 exhibition. We have a host of new capabilities as well as our existing precision optical solutions to share at the exhibition."

John further states, "Of prime importance is our ultra-thin, ultra-strong High Ion-Exchange (HIE) glass for use in touchscreens and displays. In fact, our HIE glass is the ideal solution for optical bonding manufacturers as it can be fully fabricated with custom edge treatments, screen printing and other fabrication to provide a plug and play optics solution."

Featured Abrisa Technologies products at the 2012 SID Exhibition will include:

High Ion-Exchange (HIE) chemically strengthened glass (Live demonstration)

Strengthened thin glass for display applications

Precision thin film coatings (ITO, IMITO, AR, UV, IR, etc)
ClearView(TM) Port Glass

Machined glass capabilities (edging, hole drilling, cutting)

Screen Printed Optical Components including Bus Bars

Glass substrates (soda lime, borosilicate, glass/ceramic, fused silica, specialty glasses)

ZC&R coatings for Optics, Abrisa Industrial Glass, and Sycamore Glass Components are the three divisional brands that comprise Abrisa Technologies. All three of the division's products and services will be represented at the exhibition.

Unique to Abrisa Technologies, is their ability to provide an entire optics solution which includes not only the initial glass substrate, but a fully fabricated product inclusive of coatings for an integrated optics solution. From small run to large OEM requirements, Abrisa technologies has over 80 years of experience providing precision optical solutions for a wide array of industries and applications.

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