2012 Nascar Sprint Pit Crew Challenge

This week, the jacks will drop, the fuel cans will drain, and the shrill noise of air wrenches will ring in the ears of all spectators at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. For eight years running, the blazing fast pit crews of the NASCAR Sprint Cup series have showcased their athleticism and precision at the NASCAR Sprint Pit Crew Challenge. Once a year, the pit crew members can go head-to-head and answer the question: "Who has the fastest crew in NASCAR?"

In order to show support for such a unique event, SRI (Supplies for Racing and Industry) has provided several cases of brake cleaning chemicals and lug nut glue. These two items are involved in the preparation stages before a pit stop, when a crew member cleans the wheel and glues the lug nuts to the wheel itself. This prevents the tire changer from having to start threading the lugs by hand, which is what your local tire service store would have to do for your street car.

SRI keeps crews and cars running strong. Every weekday, the SRI delivery truck stocks the race shops and pit boxes with various supplies, such as sanding discs, nuts and bolts, tapes, and cutting tools. SRI also carries the famous yellow lug nuts that will be spun off-and-on by the hundreds this coming Thursday night.

An SRI product that will be seen more frequently than usual is non-skid "grip tape." This tape is usually found on the high-powered air wrenches that remove the lug nuts. The final obstacle during Thursday's challenge involves the crew members physically pushing a racecar across the finish line, and they will place grip tape on various areas of the cars in order to keep their hands from slipping during this final push.

It is often said that the Sprint Pit Crew Challenge is an event for the "unsung heroes" of NASCAR, mainly because the crews do not receive the same amount of television exposure as the drivers. When seen on TV, the crew members are usually covered head-to-toe in safety gear. However, this coming Thursday night allows fans to attach faces to the 7-man crews. Like the crew members, SRI will enjoy the Sprint Pit Crew Challenge for a great moment in the spotlight!


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