2010 Ondrives Company Profile for Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition


A commercial and precision gear range is the latest addition to Ondrives' extensive product portfolio, further enhancing their newly launched power transmission series, states Marketing Manager, Amanda Laughton.

The array of products offered broadly consists of bevel gears, worms & wheels, anti-backlash wormwheels, internal gears, anti-backlash gears, both parallel & crossed helical gears, spur gears, pinion shafts, timing pulleys and belts with the range finished off by sprockets and chains. These are all handily contained within a separate gears and gearboxes catalogue, released for the first time at Total Processing & Packaging.

A large choice of MOD sizes are available across the entire precision and commercial gear ranging from 0.5 to 8 MOD along with various different material types to suit every different type of application and environment, the company states. 214M15/045M10 steel is the most popular, with Delrin also available to order.

Standards are mainly stocked on-the-shelf for both gears and gearboxes in order to satisfy those urgent requirements as well as specials being available to customer's requests. Specials are dealt with quickly and easily as the latest 3D CAD software (with 4 seats) and up-to-date CNC machinery and technology have been heavily invested in.

The gearbox range includes many different types ranging from worm wheel, double reduction, crossed helical, bevel, bevel-tee, bevel bore, spiral bevel, spur gear, epicyclic, taper and planetary to gearbox shafts and rack/pinion actuators. There is a wide range of sizes, ratios, torques and materials available.

Ondrives welcome the opportunity to quote and supply for all your commercial gear, precision gear and gearbox requirements and remind you of their other product ranges which briefly consist of couplings and clamps, linear motion, fasteners, bearings, anti-vibration, springs and mechanical products.

Editors, for further information, please contact the above at the following address -

Ondrives Ltd

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