2008 Optatec Highlights - New Lenses, Express Glass Services and Precision Glass Components

Docter Optics surprised visitors to Stand C28 at this year's with a massive block of optical glass weighing over 200 kg. Nearly a meter wide, 15 cm thick and 69 cm high, this block stands for the extreme dimensions of the components that Docter Optics Express Glass Services can process-typical operations include sawing, milling, boring, grinding and polishing - at its new facility in Triptis, Germany. That versatility has helped make Express Glass Services a veritable institution in the world's optical industry in the course of the past ten years. After all, this is where manufacturers can source virtually any conceivable type of semi-finished product, prototype or preliminary series produced to their specifications. Optatec will give Docter Optics an opportunity to get together with industry professionals from all over Europe to talk shop, address technical issues and present new processing possibilities. In addition, Docter Optics Express Glass Services maintains one of the world's largest inventories of special optical glasses and can therefore offer customers a service that is unique in the industry. Plus a new, advanced coating system that meets the most recent technical specifications is the most recent addition to the repertoire of technology and equipment offered by Docter Optics Express Glass Services.

Special-purpose lenses represent yet another Docter Optics specialty. For example, the Docter Optics Stilar 2.8/8, a super-wide-angle lens especially designed for use with the most recent 1.2" sensor chips (CMOS and CCD) on the market, will be presented in Europe for the first time.

In addition to its well-known Tevidon series lenses Docter Optics will also present another world first - the Auto-Tessar series reflex-free miniature lenses. With a weight of only 2.5 to 10.5 g, these lenses virtually eliminate reflections and veiling glare exclusively by virtue of their optical properties. The advantage for camera and system manufacturers is that electronic components can be eliminated while the error rate is reduced to near zero. Auto-Tessar lenses are the new choice of preference for industrial image processing as well as for surveillance systems and the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems used in upmarket automobiles.

Docter Optics is the world leader when it comes to technology for the production of optical components. Technology developed by Docter Optics now permits precise, economical production of molded arrays, prisms, light pipes, aspheres, mirrors and free-form lenses. And when it comes to optical components for new products, the Docter Optics process opens up an entire new world of interesting options, especially for OEMs.

Docter Optics already ships several million optical components to the automotive industry each year. The company also produces large quantities of components for the optical industry, for manufacturers of laboratory instruments and equipment, for biometric and scanning applications, for solar energy production as well as for avionics and defense technology and many other areas of application.

Precision Glass Components from Docter Optics will continue to play an important role in a host of different industries in the future. Visitors to this year's Optatec will have an opportunity to bring themselves up to date on the many different ways Docter Optics can contribute to their future. And, last but far from least, Optatec visitors may be surprised to find that Docter Optics not only offers advanced automated molding technology, but also conventional production and coating services.

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