1U Accelerator Expansion System Supercharges System Performance with ATI Stream Technology

o Employs AMD FireStream 9270 and 9250 GPU boards

o Expansion connectivity to Gen 2 host systems at 80Gb/s

ESCONDIDO, Calif., April 29, 2009 - One Stop Systems (OSS), a global provider of embedded computing modules and systems, announced today that it has collaborated with Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) to apply its ATI Stream technology to produce the OSS Computational Accelerator Expansion System. This new product family supports maximum compute density in the datacenter, allowing users to deploy up to 4 single-precision TFLOPS and 800 double-precision GFLOPS of compute performance in a 1U package.

The 1U accelerator expansion system employs either the AMD FireStream 9270 or 9250 graphics processor-based accelerator boards to provide a system tailor-made for high-end computational applications. The 1U 9270 system contains one or two AMD 9270 boards while the 1U 9250 system employs up to four AMD 9250 boards. The 1U accelerator expansion system is equipped with a PCIe x16 Gen 2 host cable adapter which installs in a host computer's PCIe x16 expansion slot, delivering data transfers of up to 80Gb/s to the host system. A 1-meter standardized PCIe x16 cable is included. The GPU expansion system off-loads the host CPU engines and will be used by research laboratories, video imaging systems, and gaming applications.

One Stop Systems, who manufactures and markets the new accelerator expansion systems, has been first-to-market with many PCIe over cable solutions including host cable adapters in a variety of form factors, downstream expansion boards, expansion systems, and PCIe-based disk arrays. AMD is an established Silicon Valley-based chip manufacturer who acquired ATI and its graphics products. The 1U accelerator expansion system is the first joint collaboration of the two companies.

The 1U rack-mountable system can be installed within up to 10 meters of its host system using the standard PCIe cable. Greater distances from the host system can be accommodated using a fiber optic version, to be released by OSS later this year. Vital system functions like fan rotation, power voltages, and temperature can be remotely monitored through Ethernet, making the solution easy to manage in large datacenter environments.

"Utilizing the PCI Express bus, these new accelerators off-load system processors to perform highly intensive computational functions," said Steve Cooper, One Stop Systems CEO. "Thus, the developer can utilize latest technology and less expensive commodity host systems to operate system applications while the accelerator expansion system performs intensive computational functions. The PCIe cable allows the expansion accelerator to appear as a contiguous system with the host. This function was previously performed by expensive main-frame systems. One Stop Systems, having invented many of the PCIe cable expansion products available today, designed the 1U expansion system to be flexible and scalable. Flexible to accommodate a number of configurations and scalable to be stacked in a rack, allowing multiple PCIe interfaces."

"AMD congratulates One Stop Systems on the introduction of its new accelerator based on our high-performance AMD FireStream GPU accelerators," said Patricia Harrell, AMD's director of ATI Stream technology. "The application of general purpose GPUs to offload parallel processing tasks in the data center is a significant development underway in computing and AMD is happy to be a part of that shift with One Stop Systems."


The 1U 9270-2 Accelerator Expansion System with two FireStream 9270's lists for USD$6,845 (P/N OSS-PCIe-1U-ACC-9270-2) and is available immediately. The 1U 9250-4 Accelerator Expansion System with four FireStream 9250's lists for USD$7,495 (P/N OSS-PCIe-1U-ACC-9250-4) and is available immediately. OEM quantities can be quoted on request. Call toll-free at 1-877-438-2724 to order or to receive more information.

About AMD FireStream

o Up to 1.2 TFLOPS raw single precision performance; 240 GFLOPS raw double precision performance

o Over 8 GFLOPS per watt of single precision performance potential

o Available in two form factors:

o AMD FireStream 9270 is a dual-slot, solution with 2GB GDDR5 memory and up to 1.2TFLOPS single-precision and 240GFLOPS double-precision floating point performance

o AMD FireStream 9250 is a single-slot, lower power solution with 1GB GDDR3 memory and up to 1 TFLOPS single precision and 200 GFLOPS double-precision floating point performance

o Familiar 32 and 64 bit Linux and Microsoft® Windows® environments

o OpenCL®-ready technology

o High level tools from multiple 3rd party developers

o C-like development environment via extensions to open source Brook+

o Stream software supports multiple GPUs per system

o FireStream leverages commodity GPU components designed for PC gamers resulting in a reliable GPU and memory roadmap

About One Stop Systems

One Stop Systems (OSS) leads the market in the design and manufacturing of PCI Express over cable products. OSS also provides computer modules and systems for telecom, defense, security, and imaging applications. These include NEBS-certified servers, PCIe expansion systems, disk arrays, PCIe components, and Ethernet and T1 boards. All of these can be built to meet specific customer requirements. With a proven record of the highest quality products through superior engineering, quality-driven production, and responsive pre- and post-sales, OSS has emerged as a technology leader in the embedded market. For more information, contact our sales department toll free at (877) 438-2724 or visit our web site at www.onestopsystems.com.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Mark Gunn

VP Sales & Marketing

One Stop Systems

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