15,000lb Capacity Tow Cart with Electric Brakes

Sturtevant, WI - July 24, 2009 - Electric Brake Carts have a rear electric braking system that is powered by the tugging vehicle. Each cart has a load capacity of 15,000 pounds and braking will function with multiple carts in tow.

Operated and powered (brakes) by a towing vehicle each cart has a front and rear plug for towing multiple carts with up to 15,000 pounds on each. All braking systems work simultaneously when the vehicle operator presses the brakes, greatly minimizing the forward momentum created by the amount of weight being towed and bringing them to a full stop. Each cart is loaded and unloaded by crane or forklift and is used to transport large amounts of product which would otherwise utilize forklifts on back and forth trips.

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