Deburring Center clears chips from critical components.

Press Release Summary:

Jet-Flex 4-axis deburring machine, with 20 x 12 x 12 in. XYZ work area, permits large part capacity and/or simultaneous multi-part processing. Water pressure blasts and dislodges compacted chips and debris. Pumping station is equipped with Triplex Positive Displacement pump, capable of producing water pressure to 5,000 or 10,000 psi. All deburring operations are controlled by G-code programming Fanuc 21-I Ma CNC control with RS-232C port.

Original Press Release:

Next Generation Sugino Jet-Flex II Improves High-Pressure Water Deburring Process

Schaumburg, Illinois. Sugino Corp. has introduced an improved version of its flexible Jet-Flex 4-axis, high-pressure deburring center that has attained high success ratings from its many users for clearing chips and burrs from critical, precision-machined components for automotive fuel and braking systems, hydraulic pumps, cylinder heads, crank and cam shafts, and other
critical performance parts, announced Sugino National Sales Manager John Fischer.

Those chips and burrs stated Fischer, "have been the major contribution to erratic operation and expensive warranty work, high-percentage scrappage, or created problems to matching parts in precision assemblies."

Engineered with larger 20" x 12" x 12" XYZ work area that permits larger part capacity and/or simultaneous multi-part processing, the Jet-Flex II uses its 5,000 PSI or 10,000 PSI water pressure and state-of-the-art nozzle technology to blast and dislodge compacted chips and debris from blind, tapped and cross holes and passages -- wherever they may be hidden. It
effectively removes feather edge burrs and flash from complex-shaped parts machined from plastics, aluminum, steel, space-age alloys and flushes the contaminants from the workpiece.

Simultaneously, the high pressure water produces a cleaning action superior to conventional low or medium pressure water cleaning systems.

The spindles are fitted with lance or straight nozzles to reach into small passages and incise hard to reach burrs. Fan and manifold nozzles are used to clean and deburr exterior and interior surfaces. Special nozzles are available for specific deburring and cleaning applications.

After Jet-Flex II deburring, the finished workpiece is generally ready for final assembly without grinding, ECM-ing, or any other deburring or cleaning operation, cutting in-process time by as much as 50%. Inspection is often reduced to statistical sampling.

And for extra prevention, Jet-Flex II is available as a 10,000 PSI water-blasting system to increase the protection against troublesome burrs and chips.

"Any burrs remaining after that," assures Fischer, "won't come off in the operating environment of the actual workpiece."

As options, an A/B load-shuttle table combined with a CNC indexing table can rotate fixtured parts 360° and deburr as many as six sides of the workpiece with assorted nozzle configurations that deliver high-pressure water at sonic velocities to 1,100 ft./sec.

Originally conceived as a combination small machining center, the first Jet-Flex combined drilling, tapping and milling with one or two of the 6 or 8 spindles of its horizontal or vertical
rotary turret devoted to high-pressure water deburring. It soon became evident that users were more interested in the Jet-Flex deburring capabilities. Now the only tooling spindle is a 600 RPM rotary spindle used for brushes, reamers or other hard-tool deburring devices used in conjunction with high pressure water. Water spindle speed is 150 RPM.

Another improvement is isolating the deburring area from the machine zone by stainless-steel barriers in the Jet-Flex II, thereby enclosing vital machine components in a protective zone.

Fischer reports the Jet-Flex II Center is particularly cost-effective for a manufacturer who is searching for a consistent, efficient and flexible means to improve the integrity of workpieces in small to medium lot sizes to approximately 1,500,000 parts per year.

The pumping station is equipped with a Sugino Triplex Positive Displacement Pump capable of producing water pressure to 5,000 or 10,000 PSI. The pumping station has a 250 gallon water reservoir and is equipped with a filtration unit and safety interlocks. The 5,000 PSI unit is powered by a 30 HP motor. The 10,000 PSI Jet-Flex is powered by a 75 HP motor. Flow rate is 7.7 GPM, max.

All deburring operations, including simultaneous 4-axis operations, are controlled by a G-code programming Fanuc 21-I Ma CNC control with RS-232C port for interfacing with a personal computer.

Jet Flex II Specifications:

Length: 160" (including pump)
Width: 71"
Height: 108"
Weight: 8,800 lbs.

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For more information, contact: Mr. John Fischer, National Sales Manager, Sugino Corp., 1700 Penny Lane, Schaumburg, Illinois 60173. Phone: 847/397-9401. Fax: 847/397-9490 E-Mail: Web Site:

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