13 micron Resolve Columns come with monodisperse bead size.

Press Release Summary:

Suitable in petroleum, chemical and consumer product industries, 13 micron Resolve Columns are used for molecular weight analysis of polyethylene and other polyolefins. Columns are made of monodisperse 100% divinylbenzene particles and can measure MW between 500 and 12 million.

Original Press Release:

13 micron Product Release

Jordi Labs is proud to introduce a novel packing material for the high temperature molecular weight analysis of polyethylene and other polyolefins.

SEM and particle size distributions of 13 μ resin

It is well known that broad particle size distributions in particle based columns produces variations in packing density, lowers column resolution, reduces the column permeability and generates high back pressure. New generation Jordi GPC columns prepared with monodisperse 100% divinylbenzene particles with precisely controlled particle diameter and finely controlled pore structure provide high efficiency, high separation capacity and low back pressure with greater bed stability.

1. Why Jordi Resolve columns?

  • Improved regularity o Increased separation efficiency
  • Highly linear calibration means increased accuracy
  • Measures every MW between 500 and 12 million

2. What makes our new columns better?

  • Monodisperse bead size
  • Novel 100% DVB column packing o Enhanced mechanical stability

3. For what industries are these columns best suited?

  • Petroleum
  • Chemical
  • Consumer Product Goods

4. What are some common applications for Jordi Resolve columns?

  • High molecular weight polymers
  • Polyethylene and Polypropylene at high temperature

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