10 MHz Dual Element Transducers meet EN15317 center frequency standards.

Press Release Summary:

Suitable for small diameter and thin material thickness measurement for corrosion thickness applications, 10 MHz Dual Element Transducers are available in D7912 and D7913 models with straight and right angle cables respectively. Featuring stainless steel casing, units come with 7.5 mm diameter tip which can be used on hot materials up to 51°C.

Original Press Release:

Olympus Launches D7912 and D7913 10 MHz Dual Element Thickness Gage Transducers for Increased User Comfort and EN15317 Requirement Compliance

Designed for use with the Olympus 27MG, 45MG and 38DL PLUS® thickness gages, the new D7912 and D7913 10 MHz dual element transducers meet the European EN15317 center frequency standard for thickness gage transducers.

These 10 MHz transducers offer excellent inspection performance for small diameter and thin material thickness measurement for corrosion thickness applications. For added flexibility, the D7912 transducer has a straight integral cable and the D7913 has a right angle integral cable, while both offer a newly designed case style. Both the straight and right angle probes are easier and more comfortable to hold, helping relieve strain on a user’s hand.

For greater wear resistance and a longer use life, both 10 MHz transducers are designed with a new stainless steel case. The transducers have a small, 7.5 mm (0.295 in.) diameter tip and can be used on materials as hot as 125 °F (51 °C). The D7912 and D7913 transducers, along with the recently released D7910, are part of a new generation of Olympus ultrasonic transducers designed to be flexible, ergonomic, and rugged.

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