1/8 DIN Graphic Display Panel Meter and Logger

Designed and manufactured by Omega, the Dpi1701 series of 1/8 DIN monochrome, high resolution graphic display panel meter and data logger for temperature and process measurement. This CE compliant product features optional alarm relays, isolated analog output, isolated 24Vdc excitation voltage and wireless receiver. The Dpi1701 records 85,000 data points with time & date stamping. The logging starts / stops based on time and date, alarm 1 or 2 status, or a key press. It monitors and displays minimum and maximum process values. The process input is displayed in horizontal bar graph, line graph charting or standard digital format. In Chemical industry, it can measure, monitor, and graph the temperature of a process. In Oil & Gas industry, it can measure, monitor, and graph the line pressure. In research labs, it can measure, monitor, and graph precision RTD sensor profiles. This product is also idea for oil& gas, paper and steel industries.


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