[x+1] Personalizes Web Optimization with New, Patented Technology

Predictive Optimization Engine (POE(TM)) Enables Marketers to Anticipate Real-Time Needs of Online Consumers and Increase ROI on Marketing Spend

NEW YORK, Sept. 18 /-- [x+1] (www.xplusone.com), the leader in predictive marketing, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company a patent for its Predictive Optimization Engine (POE(TM)) -- a system that dynamically segments the user community through data capture and content presentation. POE operates over two platforms, site+1 and media+1, to provide marketers the ability to capture behavioral and geographical information from each Web visitor, and predict which offers or external advertisements will be most relevant to the individual.

In real-time, POE factors a Web visitor's location, age, sex, buying habits and Web site viewing history to calculate the optimal set of choices for that individual. It then instantly adjusts content to best reflect his or her preferences.

"Predictive marketing is the future of digital media as Internet users demand greater personalization for their Web experience while remaining anonymous," said Stephano Kim, president of [x+1]. "Online marketers must provide Internet users with a seamless experience without being intrusive. POE enables us to deliver this true end-to-end predictive marketing solution to help marketers lift conversions while providing customers with the best Web experience."

Other online tracking technologies narrowly focus on optimizing Web sites purely on behavior or search words. Instead of limiting market scope to one set of characteristics and tailoring products and promotions for an assumed audience, [x+1] leverages all available data to capture the complete picture of the individual consumer.

For clients, POE represents increased conversion rates, more user-friendly Web sites and improved direct marketing programs. "Verizon Scores With Web Interaction Optimization," a case study by Suresh Vittal of Forrester Research, Inc., catalogues the improvements Verizon experienced after implementing [x+1]'s predictive optimization solution:

"By implementing site+1 from vendor [x+1], Verizon dramatically improved its online conversion rate and reduced cost per acquisition...Optimization scenarios increased conversion by as much as 36%."(1)
o Vittal, Suresh. "Case Study: Verizon Scores With Web Interaction
Optimization." Forrester Research, Inc. 11 Sept. 2007: 4 pages.

Companies interested in discovering the future of predictive marketing can visit www.xplusone.com for more information.

About POE
[x+1]'s Predictive Optimization Engine (POE(TM)) is the first patented technology of its kind which allows clients to anticipate the real-time needs of online buyers and presents targeted advertisements to qualified consumers at the optimal moment. The robust proprietary system assembles, stores and administers a company's merchandising collateral; and POE determines which promotions should be displayed at a particular time based on the user's location, gender, age, time of day and buying patterns. As part of its end- to-end solution platform, POE sets the standard with regard to targeting, immediacy and cost; and produces quantifiable results that directly affect the success of a company's online marketing program. POE's unyielding focus on ROI minimizes waste and maximizes results.

About [x+1]
New York-based [x+1] (www.xplusone.com) provides predictive marketing solutions that equip online marketers with real time, automated decision making to lift conversion rates in media and onsite. [x+1]'s solutions remove the complexity in digital marketing and drive a greater return on marketing investment. Some of the top companies in financial services, telecommunications, online services and travel have significantly increased message relevance, customer response and marketing ROI by using the services of [x+1]. For more information, please log on to www.xplusone.com or e-mail xplus1@RLMpr.com.

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CONTACT:Kendra Peavy of [x+1], +1-212-741-5106 ext 226, xplus1@RLMPR.com

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