£-V Servo Series from Yaskawa Offers the Highest Accuracy, Easiest Set-up, and Versatile Connectivity

Waukegan, IL - Yaskawa Electric America, Inc. proudly announces the revolutionary £-V servomotors and amplifiers. This fifth generation of servos is a massive leap forward in technology. The most impressive feature of the £-V series is its improved positioning accuracy by one thousand times the industry standard. In addition, the well-known, autotuning function was optimized for the most sophisticated applications, such as two axes in super-high performance machines. The new autotuning algorithm allows for perfect set-up in less than two hours - compared to more than eight hours needed by other products in the market.

In short,£-V offers precise positioning at the highest speed with smooth, vibration-free operation and the easiest start-up. For machine builders this means:

o Shortest cycle time - highest throughput
o Better product quality
o Less machine wear
o Shortest initial set-up time


Highest Performance:

£-V offers maximum efficiency, optimized servomotors, powerful serial encoders, servo amplifiers with the latest microprocessor technology and powerful ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits).

New intelligent software algorithms lay the foundation for the outstanding performance of the new £-V series. Precise and fast positioning, highest machine speed, vibration-less motion, smooth operation at the lowest rpm, highest quality and easy handling make the £-V ideal for all markets. Due to its optimized autotuning function and its automatic filter function that suppresses oscillations, optimum control will be achieved within minutes - even for a wide range of inertia ratios. For the majority of applications, £-V does not require any manual adjustment.

User-Friendly Software:

One of the main goals of Yaskawa is to offer products and solutions with outstanding user-friendliness. A new version of SigmaWin+ software was therefore developed, which allows for both fast and easy selection of the servomotor and easy set-up of the servo amplifier. The user-friendly intuitive set-up software guides the user through the set-up steps. No expert knowledge is necessary to achieve optimum setting results. At a later stage, the most important functions and features of these programs will also be available as part of a Yaskawa software package.

Fast Set-Up and Installation:

The user-friendly set-up software, the optimized autotuning function and the automatic filter function enable optimum adjustment of the servo amplifiers in a very short time. The servo amplifiers of the £-V series will adjust automatically to a wide range of inertia ratios.

Manual fine-tuning is no longer necessary. Short set-up times and optimum adjustment results will increase production capacity, improve production quality, reduce changeover time and reduce machine wear as well.

Versatile Communication with Other Controllers:

Another advantage is the flexible communication with the machine controller and other motion control interfaces of European Control Manufacturers. £-V is able to communicate via several open and Ethernet-based fieldbus systems. The option for the open fieldbus system, MECHATROLINK-II, used worldwide with more than 300,000 axes, is also included in the package. The combined use of£-V and MECHATROLINK-II significantly reduces the time for installation and set-up, increases system reliability and supports remote configuration and diagnosis.

Compact and Efficient: New Design with Many Benefits:

The servomotors of the £-V series have been completely redesigned. The number of parts was reduced by about 30%. A new coupling between the motor and the encoder has increased vibration resistance by 100% to 5G and simplified service. A new stator design, advanced winding technologies and high-density magnets have resulted in increased efficiency and reduction in size. As a result, the energy consumption of the new £-V is down by up to 30%. The perfect adjustment of the £-V amplifiers to the new efficient servomotors also allowed for a further size reduction in the amplifier electronics.

Suitable for Many Applications

The major benefits of£-V, such as precise and fast positioning, highest machine speed, vibration-less motion and smooth operation make £-V ideal for machines in the fields of electronics, semiconductor, packaging, printing and machine tools. The new £-V generation will also be a perfect match for the injection molding and metal forming industries, where high throughput and point-to-point positioning are decisive issues.

In 1967, Yaskawa Electric America, Inc., a U. S. corporation, was created to provide automation solutions and support to customers in North and South America. Established in 1915, Yaskawa Electric Corporation has been leading the way in setting the industry's standards including becoming the world's first company to have manufactured and shipped over 10-million AC drives to go along with another 5,000,000 servomotors. Yaskawa holds international quality excellence awards, including the prestigious Deming Application Prize and its products are manufactured in ISO-9001:2000 registered facilities.

For more information on the £-V, contact

Yaskawa Electric America, Inc., 2121 Norman Drive South, Waukegan, Illinois 60085, telephone (800) YASKAWA or fax (847) 887-7310.

You can also visit our Web site at www.yaskawa.com.

Todd Rohde
Yaskawa Electric America, Inc.
(847) 887-7074

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