STEP Energy Improves Safety and Efficiency with Technology

STEP Energy uses Mentor Fleet to improve operations

Incorporated in March 2011, STEP Energy Services in Calgary, AB provides coiled tubing and fluid pumping services throughout Western Canada. When STEP launched their business, implementing a mobile workforce management system was at the top of their priority list. To meet their needs, STEP Energy chose Mentor Fleet(TM), a comprehensive mobile workforce management solution from Mentor Engineering, another Alberta-based company.

Mentor Fleet is web-based software that allows office staff and managers to track the exact location of all their vehicles while monitoring speeding and excessive idling. With Fleet, STEP's managers have access to a wide array of reports to help improve operations. In the vehicles, Mentor's BBX relays location and engine diagnostic information back to Fleet in the office.

After evaluating multiple vendors to provide this technology for their new oilfield services company, STEP selected the Mentor Fleet solution. Steve Glanville, Chief Operations Officer at STEP Energy Services explains: "We selected Mentor Fleet because of its easy-to-use web-based interface. We were impressed with how quickly the screen re-images when new data comes in to ensure we have the most up-to-date information twenty-four hours a day."

Since implementing the system, STEP has received positive feedback from their field operators. "The drivers like it, especially our senior drivers who have been in the industry for twenty years or longer," says Glanville. "They feel safer while on the road, and are changing their driving habits to become more aware and alert."

Glanville and the other managers are seeing proof of the driving improvements in the on-demand reports they pull from Mentor Fleet. "The two most important reports to me are the 'Top 5 Speed Violators' and the 'Excessive Idling' report," says Steve. "They help us accurately evaluate and address undesirable driver behaviors to improve safety and decrease fuel costs."

The AVL information has also streamlined communication between operators and in-office staff. As Glanville explains: "Cell phone conversations have really been minimized because office staff know the exact location of every vehicle without having to check in with the operator. This has helped reduce distracted driving and increase productivity for both office staff and field operators."

Moving forward, STEP Energy Services continues to see Mentor's technology as a vital component to their growth and success. Steve says, "In the future, we are hoping to use the AVL data to send the closest vehicle to new jobs, which will increase our fleet's efficiency and allow us to complete more jobs each day. This wouldn't be possible without this type of technology solution."

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