Öresundskraft Consolidates Order Management with Powel Elsmart Serviceorder

JÖNKÖPING, Sweden – Web based access and holistic view of business data makes work order management more efficient for Oresundskraft and its partners

Oresundskraft AB, a leading Swedish energy company based in Helsingborg, Sweden has chosen to implement Powel Elsmart Serviceorder, a software solution that consolidates work orders for Oresundskraft and provides secure web based data access to the company and its business partners.

"Like many energy companies, we collaborate with several external service providers, said Hakan Rannestig," Grid Manager at Oresundskraft AB. "With Powel Elsmart Serviceorder, we add value to the existing Powel Elsmart solution by making it easy for us to get a consolidated view of the order processes. For the partners that integrate to the solution, it will also be easy to get a current and accurate view of work orders status. In the end, we expect that this will make our order processes significantly more efficient."

Powel Elsmart Serviceorder is a software module that adds value to Oresundskraft's existing Powel Elsmart solution by consolidating service order related data from several to one system, and that makes business data available online through a web based interface.

"Oresundskraft is the first Swedish player to implement Powel Elsmart Serviceorder," said Bard Benum, CEO at Powel AS. "It is an example how energy companies increasingly embraces IT to increase efficiency at many levels. The deal is also an example of how companies that implement the Powel Elsmart portal for centralized and cloud based process management can add modules according to business needs and at a pace that suits them."

With Powel Elsmart Serviceorder, Oresundskraft will establish a platform where they will be able to get a status overview on service orders that are to be managed by an external partner. By getting access to current status regarding "for and completed notification" Oresundskraft and external partners will gain control of the overall project to make sure that the appropriate service order will be carried out timely and according to the contract. Though Powel Elsmart Service Order, Oresundskraft will know work order status including who is taking care of the task and how long the task has taken.

"Thanks to the open and modular design of Powel Elsmart, we can chose to integrate additional systems to the solution at our own pace," Rannestig said. "Since time consuming manual processes can be eliminated with Powel Elsmart Serviceorder, our employees can focus on more strategic work. At the same time, we ensure that we increase data quality."

The Powel Elsmart portal is a Nordic market leader with implementations at around 40 medium sized and large energy companies.

About Powel

Powel AS, headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, delivers business-critical software solutions and related services specifically designed to help energy companies and public utilities improve daily operational processes and service quality. The company is a market leader in smart metering, generation, grid maintenance and water management solutions with offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Founded in 1996, Powel AS is a privately held company with more than 250 employees. For more information visit http://www.powel.com.

About Oresundskraft

Oresundskraft is based in Helsingborg, Sweden and serves more than 260 000 customers. The company has a strong focus on environmentally friendly innovation, in which it engages in several ways. Oresundskraft has 400 employees and operates in the Oresund region.


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