"R" Toolbox with 4 Banks of Drawers

A model that will no doubt please numerous technicians and mechanics.

By giving you the possibility of combining a wide range of toolboxes and drawers, Rousseau enables you to make the most of the various arrangements possible, so you have have more storage space, can customize the toolbox for the tools you use and can fit it into your work place, all with a super look!

If you already have a Rousseau toolbox, it is also possible to add a second toolbox afterwards. Rousseau products are modular and can be customized over time.

Rousseau cabinets, with multiple banks of drawers, can be configured in several ways.

- Offered in widths of 48" or 60", the multi-drawer cabinet can be combined with a single toolbox;

- The single toolboxes can also be combined, creating "trains" of different lengths.

With a line of modular products, several configurations are possible. We offer various suggestions that will please numerous technicians and mechanics.

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