Fluorotherm Expands Fluoropolymer Tubing Varieties and Applications

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Parsippany, NJ - As a leading manufacturer of fluoropolymer tubing products made of PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, PVDF, and MFA, among others, Fluorotherm receives numerous questions about suitability for use in a variety of applications. Some of these questions are about ultrapure requirements, UV resistance or transparency, cryogenic temperature use, upper temperature and pressure ranges for a specific size and tubing material, bonding and permeability of fluoropolymers, mechanical strength, thermal and electrical conductivity, surface modification, and many other issues. The following innovations to our product line show how we are continuously developing quality fluoropolymer tubing products for any and all purposes.

Teflon® Coated Load Bearing Rods

Fluorotherm introduces corrosion resistant load bearing metal rods with complete encapsulation in PTFE, FEP, and PFA. These rods may be used to support work in a corrosive environment such as plating or coating baths, carriers to transport work in a chemically aggressive environment, and numerous other uses. The rigidity of the metal core provides strength that cannot be matched by plastic rods. A PTFE or other adapter of appropriate configuration over the encapsulated rod can be used as points of support. This encapsulated construction provides the strength of metal and the chemical resistance of Teflon® type materials. Such construction can bear up to 700 lb loads in nitric, HF, hydrochloric, and sulfuric acid baths and other hazardous atmospheres. The complete fluoropolymer encapsulation is distinctly superior to heat shrink tube covering where the wall thickness is too light to sustain reasonable loads or abrasive wear, without tearing or cracking. The high continuous use temperature of PTFE, FEP or PFA permits these materials to be used up to 400 deg F.

Customized Coils and Fabricated Tubing

Fluorotherm has developed a new line of tubing coils and profiles shaped to specific configurations in accordance with customer requirements. Some of these profiles have specially flanged or flared ends that must adapt to standard or custom fittings. Tubing material may be PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE or PVDF. A major reason for a shape requirement is the need to avoid connectors that disrupt a fully swept or sanitary fluid flow. The shape has to accurately conform to the field requirement and must meet exact length criteria. Therefore, factors such as linear shrinkage have to be accounted for. Tubing coils are generally used where flexibility is needed - one example would be spray hoses for DI water in semiconductor fab-facilities.

Dual FEP Tubing

Fluorotherm has recently introduced dual FEP tubing products for applications where equal lengths of two different sizes of tubing are required. Examples of these are in environmental sampling and down-hole applications where the bonded tubing pair carries different fluid streams. This product is available for a range of size pairs and lengths as long as 1000 ft. The preference for FEP tubing for down-hole applications is dictated by the temperature and pressures of the fluids as well as the need to maintain sample integrity during its passage through the tube. Selection of the correct grade of material, as determined by its properties, is important because identification and repair of the damaged tubing by abrasion and/or rupture is problematic at best.

Fluorotherm At The Scent Opera

Fluorotherm recently collaborated with Aeosphere Inc at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City for an inventive experience that only Fluorotherm's superior fluoropolymer tubing could provide. The "Scent Opera," as it was called, used innovative new scents coupled with pre‐recorded orchestral music to give the audience a new opera experience. The scents were evenly distributed through "scent microphones," Fluorotherm's tubing attached to each seat. As Aeosphere takes its Opera on the road, Fluorotherm will be there every step to supply yet another new market with its quality tubing.

Read the full article about the Scent Opera at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City at the New York Times: http://nytimes.com/2009/06/02/arts/music/02scen.html?_r=1

Fluoro Store

This year, Fluorotherm spearheaded an investment into the Fluoro Store, an online retail webstore for fluoropolymer tubing at the best prices where customers can order ANY Length under 300 feet of in stock products. In addition, the Fluoro Store will run monthly promotions, give store credit memberships for loyal customers, and have a dedicated inventory and add products for the best selection. Fluorotherm believes this is the best way for customers to have access to the highest quality tubing straight from the manufacturers in lengths determined by the customer. Visit the Fluoro Store today at fluorostore.com

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