"Coil Jacketing....Efficiency In Design"

The Lee Uniflow Coil is now available in T-304-L and T-316-L stainless steel. This uniquely efficient jacket design is applicable for use with most stainless alloys, including AL6XN, Inconel, and Hastelloy.

Not only does it provide for greater vessel strength, it is capable of cooling your product as much as twice as fast as a standard jacket. Due to the unique formation process, this design will outlast dimple jackets when subjected to repeated heating and cooling cycles.

For additional information on Lee Uniflow Coil Jacketing or to schedule lab time, contact Process Systems & Equipment, Division of Lee Industries, Inc., P.O. Box 687, Philipsburg, PA 16866. Fax: (814) 342-5660. Telephone: (814) 342-0470. E-Mail: sales@leeind.com.



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