'Arc Power' Timing Belt Technology

The revolutionary "ARC" shaped, state-of-the-art timing belt tooth design represents the most unique and efficient timing belt technology available. This worldwide patented timing belt profile incorporates numerous performance advantages for conventional and custom applications.

ARC-POWER timing belts are the preferred choice for linear drive technology and power transmission applications as well as conveying, indexing, positioning, and driving applications. ARC-POWER timing belts are available open ended, spliced and welded, and truly endless. Metal pulleys, clamps and tensioners are also offered.

This ARC-POWER technology was scientifically developed to improve belt and pulley dynamics in order to optimize performance. This breakthrough in technology offers many advantages:
o Smooth Meshing of Belt and Pulley
o Reduced Noise
o Decreased Polygonal Effect
o Increased Power Range
o Friction Reduced Tracking
o More Compact
o Tangential Belt Drive Possible
o Less Vibration
o Self Tracking, No Flanges
o No Lateral Movement
o Improved Repeatability
o Smooth Idler Interaction
o All Toothed Pulleys Track Belt
o Ideal for Multiple Shaft / Roller Drives

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