"A Growing Line up of Productivity Software from Sescoi at Euromold"

Sescoi and partner Ingersoll Werkzeuge GmbH will be co-located on Booth F22 in Hall 8 at this year's EuroMold exhibition in Frankfurt, from 1st to 4th December. The show will mark the official launch of the new version and new modules of Sescoi's WorkNC CAD CAM software and V4 of Sescoi's SAP-certified ERP system, WorkPLAN Enterprise, will be making its debut.

Visitors to the booth can watch live machining of a miniature glider on a Hedelius RS505K 5-axis machining center and enter a free competition to win a gliding mini break for two people. Sescoi will also be running a free seminar entitled 'Short Tools - Innovative Manufacturing with WorkNC' as part of the EuroMold Industry design/Rapid prototyping seminar program at 15.00 on 3rd December.

Officially launching at Euromold, WorkNC V21 is the new 64 bit, parallel computing version of this automatic CAM software. The technology works across numerous toolpaths available within the system, providing high-speed processing. It is especially effective for large and complex components where speed can be improved by a factor of ten, cutting program preparation times from hours to minutes. To further enhance productivity a new Global Finishing routine considers steeper and flatter areas in one toolpath. It keeps surface quality constant over the whole part, promotes climb milling and spiral movements to minimize acceleration and deceleration of the tool, and cuts the number of lead in and out movements, making it ideal for high speed machining. WorkNC's 5-axis toolpaths have been consolidated in the new version from twelve down to six. A uniform interface for each toolpath simplifies programming, while new 5-axis curve entities allow the user to customize machining behavior.

Sescoi engineers will be providing demonstration of a new WorkNC module, Auto WorkNC. Working directly from the CAD data, Auto WorkNC is able to produce a fully functional CAM program in just a few minutes in three easy steps. Ideal for programming similar parts such as electrodes, the software uses a program for a like part as a starting point. CAD data is imported, the stock material is defined, and features such as clamps identified. The machine tool is then selected and, finally, the toolpath automatically applied. To ensure the part is completely machined, Auto WorkNC adds 3+2 or 5-axis moves where required, so that it can provide a collision free toolpath for the whole job.

As well as the advances in the WorkNC CNC milling solution, visitors to the Sescoi booth will be able to view the new WorkNC-CAD Hybrid Modeling. This intelligent software works on solid and surface models in a user friendly environment, making use of fully featured parametric commands to quickly and easily manipulate and repair CAD data. Sescoi's new electrode module, WorkNC Electrode, combines WorkNC's hallmark automation with intelligent interactivity and makes use of the capabilities of WorkNC-CAD Hybrid Modeling to extract electrode shapes directly from solid or surface models. The electrode model can be modified and extended where necessary, and tool holders added from a library to produce a complete electrode. WorkNC's reliable collision checking ensures the electrode does not collide with surrounding surfaces, automatically adding extensions as required. Documentation and electrode coordinate systems are produced by the system to ensure correct positioning for the EDM operations.

The latest version of the WorkNC Wire EDM CAD CAM software makes it even easier to extract and link 4-axis wire paths. Dialog boxes within the software guide engineers through the process making it simple to add tags, incorporate roughing and finishing wire paths, lead in and out moves, a range of corner strategies, and tag removal cycles. Collision checking makes sure that maximum wire angles are not exceeded, while technology libraries and postprocessors are included for all leading machines.

Visitors to Euromold who work in medical and dental arenas will also benefit from a visit to Sescoi's booth. The WorkNC Dental team will be demonstrating WorkNC Dental, the open dental CAD CAM software. This takes scanned information from patients, and programs crowns and bridges with virtually one mouse click in a wide range of materials including zirconia, chrome cobalt, titanium, PMMA and PEEK. Live cutting demonstrations will take place on the booth, which will show how excellent results can be achieved with little or no knowledge of CNC machining. Because WorkNC Dental is an open system it can be combined with the customer's choice of scanner, dental CAD system and machine tool, increasing accessibility and flexibility and helping to keep costs down.

Version 4 of Sescoi's ERP systems, WorkPLAN Enterprise and MyWorkPLAN, will be launched at the show. Designed for custom manufacturers, the latest version includes new tools for customer relationship management (CRM) and a combination of detailed and simplified planning methods. It will also include an updated user interface, a new web enabled access to the system and new functions to manage batch production, which increase the range of industries suited to the software.

The high-speed 3D CAD Viewer, WorkXPlore 3D, completes the growing line up of productivity software solutions now offered by Sescoi and available for viewing on the Sescoi Euromold booth.

A .doc version and image can be downloaded on http://portal.sescoi.net/uploads.nsf/0/F0DE4C45136B5ABE852577DF0030D04D


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