BBA Cites Performance, Rapid ROI in Two New Field Pumps

Dutch manufacturer BBA Pumps has added to its product line two portable systems for field operations. The company, which has a U.S. office in Wando, S.C., developed the BA-C250H45 bolt-on pump package for a number of applications, among them mining, quarrying, dredging, firefighting, and oil and gas operations. It also produced the PT150 D200 piston pump for dewatering and wellpointing.

The BA-C250H45 bolt-on pump package from BBA Pumps can be equipped with different pumps for diverse applications.

The BA-C250H45 bolt-on pump package from BBA Pumps can

be equipped with different pumps for diverse applications.

Both developments were guided by specific objectives, according to the company. The bolt-on pump package is engineered to combine peak performance and economy, lowering cost of ownership and assuring a rapid return on investment (ROI) while meeting diverse needs, says the pump maker. The PT150 D200, similarly, provides greater efficiencies over previous models, such as the PT90, in areas like fuel consumption and emissions (said to be 10 to 14 percent less than the PT90), oil and filter changes (65 percent fewer in number), and engine oil use (25 percent reduction). BBA also says the PT150 D200 provides a rapid ROI.

The bolt-on package allows operators to specify the company's BA or BA-C model pumps and install them in a galvanized steel sub-frame that comes equipped with an engine and a control panel. Once a pump and other components are added, the frame can be bolted onto any object or structure in the field. All an operator needs to supply, the company says, is a fuel-tank connection to power the equipment, typically by a diesel engine.

Several system types are available, with electric, diesel, or tractor drives. Pump sizes range from 1 to 3 in on the smallest units, while on the largest unit, pumps go to 20 in. Pumping capacity runs from up to 50 cu-m/h (220 gpm) at 0-to-2-bar head in the low end of the range, to 2,500 to 10,000 cu-m/h (11,000 to 44,000 gpm) at 20-to-25-bar at the highest point.

BBA cites one assembly, the BA-C250H45 D610, as an example of performance capabilities. The maximum flow of the unit is 1,500 cu-m/h (6,600 gal/min) with a top pressure of around 6 bar; the pump operates at 1,800 rpm. Connections include an 8-in discharge section and 16-in suction section, and the closed impeller is made of stainless steel, while the casing is fabricated of ductile iron. Powering the D610 is a Caterpillar C32 ACERT diesel engine that generates 974 bhp. The full assembly weighs about 6,500 kg (14,300 lb).

Each bolt-on frame can also be customized with safety bars, lift connections, and other features. Options include pump wet-ends fabricated of Duplex stainless steel. These are for operating conditions with variable pH levels from acidic to alkaline and also for abrasive applications. Duplex stainless steel is, of course, highly resistant to corrosion and far stronger than conventional stainless steel. There is, for example, no "pitting" with Duplex stainless when pumping abrasive mixtures, which can happen with regular stainless steel.

PT150 D200 pumps are designed by BBA for dewatering and  wellpointing operations.

PT150 D200 pumps are designed for dewatering and

wellpointing operations. Credit: BBA Pumps

The PT150 DT200, meanwhile, can be equipped with a diesel engine (air-cooled Hatz 1D90V DriveOn) or an electric drive. The standard electric powerplant is a 4-kW motor, but if more power is needed, a 7.5-kW motor can be installed.

The included PT Wellpoint positive-displacement pump is designed for vertical or horizontal dewatering operations. The pump is self-priming and reportedly capable of handling air, water, or mixtures of both without the need for a separate priming system. PT series pumps, of note, can run dry indefinitely, BBA states, without causing damage or excessive wear to any part of the unit.

The direct-drive pump generates 64 strokes/min and produces a maximum flow of 103 cu-m/h (453.5 gpm), with maximum pressure of 20 mwc (meters of water column -- or 66 ft) and a top suction lift of 9.6 mwc (32 ft). Connections are available in 4- and 6-in sizes. The system has an ergonomic design, according to BBA, and uses many parts it describes as being low in cost and easy to replace.

Other features include a 200-L (53-gal) fuel tank. Fuel consumption is 1.5 L/h (0.4 gal/h). There are four lockable access doors and a canopy for "super-silent" operation. The unit reportedly generates minimal noise: 48 dB at 10 m (33 ft). The unit's total weight is 1,710 kg (3,762 lb).

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