KSB Readies Water/Wastewater Product Lineup for 2014

A sure sign of spring is the resurgence of trade shows, especially in northern Europe, where major exhibitions this month and next will attract manufacturers of pumps, valves, controls, and related fluid-handling equipment.

One big OEM that will be exhibiting is KSB AG. The multinational supplier, based in Frankenthal, Germany, will be at the industrial automation show Hannover Messe, in Hannover, Germany, April 7-11, and at IFAT 2014 in May, a Munich expo focusing on pumps and systems for water transport and treatment.

The Hya-Solo EV pressure-boosting system from KSB maintains constant pump pressure.

The Hya-Solo EV pressure-boosting system from KSB maintains constant pump pressure.

Among the product lines KSB will feature is the latest version of PumpDrive, a variable-speed pumping system, in addition to the Hya-Solo EV series of automatic single-pump units and a compact model of the AmaDS3, a wastewater pumping station. All three are designed for energy-efficient operation.

PumpDrive is for diverse applications. The unit reportedly reduces energy use by up to 60 percent by automatically adjusting the rotational speed of the motor and thus the pump's flow rate and head to match demand. Power capabilities range from 0.37 to 110 kW (a 1.4-MW option is available). Units are delivered pre-set to pumps and motors and ready for operation.

The Hya-Solo EV is a pressure-boosting system that uses a motor-mounted frequency inverter to achieve constant pump pressure through continuous speed control. The system activates when pressure drops, and it shuts off when the setpoint is reached. Developed for water supply in residential and commercial buildings, industrial water supply, irrigation, and rainwater collection, the pump has a single-phase 230-volt AC motor that generates 0.55 or 1.1 kW, depending on pump size.

The model's maximum flow rate is 6 cubic meters per hour (212 cu-ft/hr) with a head of 53 meters (174 ft). Features include a corrosion-resistant stainless steel hydraulic system and a discharge system that keeps air from the mechanical seal.

The latest version of the AmaDS3 puts the energy-saving wastewater pumping system into a scaled-down unit designed for confined spaces. As with other models, the model has a built-in solids separator and discharge line. This means that only pre-treated wastewater flows through its pumps and in the opposite direction from which it entered.

The tank and hydraulic components are made of stainless steel for corrosion protection, and the hydraulics and impellers are designed for use in raw wastewater. The system is modular; solids separators are outside the collecting tank for easy access, and most key parts can be reached without maintenance personnel getting wet. The version is intended for maximum pump power of 50 kW and system flow rates of 200 cu-m/hr (7,063 cu-ft/hr).

KSB is making the rounds of shows this spring with a degree of confidence in the outlook for business this year. The company in fiscal 2013 posted sales revenue of about Euros2.25 billion ($3.08 billion), a decline of 0.9 percent from a record year in 2012. Officials attribute the difference to currency devaluations in markets such as India and Brazil. Pre-tax earnings, however, declined 10.1 percent in 2013 from the previous year, evidence of ongoing weakness in key markets, including the German power industry.

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