You Haven’t Seen a Lamborghini Like This Before


Last December, Lamborghini unveiled what they described as the world’s first super SUV. Topping out at 190 mph, the Urus uses a twin-turbo V8 engine to crank out 650 horsepower. It is the first SUV to bear the Lamborghini nameplate, and it appears that the Italian automaker is now looking to leverage the Urus for another pioneering venture.

A new concept vehicle, dubbed the ST-X, borrows its body style from the Urus, but replaces its front end with one featuring larger air intakes, presumably to improve engine cooling. The new design also offers exhaust tips under the rear doors, a roof-mounted spoiler, a roll cage, a carbon fiber hood, and 21-inch wheels.

The hood composition appears to have been designed to keep the weight down, and other aerodynamic features seem to point to improved speed and handling capabilities. And the roll cage ... well, that makes it apparent that this Lamborghini has a more specific purpose than any of its known predecessors.

In an article published on Digital Trends, engineers at Lamborghini revealed this purpose to be racing — both on traditional tracks and in off-road competitions. This explains why the ST-X is about 25% lighter than the Urus production model.

Lamborghini is also looking to create a new race series for this model. The yet-to-be-named series will reportedly focus on tracks across Europe and the Middle East that combine the unique features of road-type courses, rally tracks, and pure off-road racing.

While there are few details known at this point, it appears that the ST-X would be the only type of vehicle driven on these tracks. So, drivers would essentially just show up and drive — leaving all of the logistics to Lamborghini.

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