Tracking the Growth of the Global Magnetic Reed Switch Market in 2019

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Reed switches appear in many of society’s most frequently used items. If you use any sort of electronic item that automatically turns on when you fold it open — like a laptop — it probably incorporates a reed switch into its design. Reed switches are relatively simple devices that boast high reliability for a low price, meaning that they make popular additions to high-end products without drastically increasing their price.

Reed switches turn your system off when they contact a magnet, and they turn it back on again when the magnet leaves. They consist of two electrical contacts made from easy-to-magnetize materials coated with strong metals to minimize wear and tear, which manufacturers seal inside a thin glass envelope to reduce contamination.

For example, most laptops build a reed switch into the lower half of the computer’s body, with its corresponding magnet housed in the upper part. When your laptop is open, these parts are far away from each other, thus allowing the reed switch to conduct a charge, keeping your laptop “awake.” However, when you close the laptop, you bring the reed switch and magnet closer together, pushing apart the reed switch’s positive and negative ends and thus causing your laptop to go dormant.

Growth Drivers for the Global Magnetic Reed Switch Market

The reed switch market is booming and will continue to grow worldwide. U.S. and international markets are experiencing massive growth in demand for reed switches as laptops and other folding smart devices become ever more ubiquitous.

Outside the U.S., a rapidly expanding tech sector has driven reed switch demand in Asia. China, Taiwan, and Japan, in particular, are seeing massive growth in both electronics production and consumption. Additionally, an expanding smart home industry in South Korea is driving growth in reed switch manufacturing. As the on/off function enabled by reed switches becomes an industry standard for foldable electronics, its use in these systems will continue to grow.

Additionally, reed switches are finding greater use as a key component in electric vehicle chargers. Reed switches allow chargers to detect when they’re plugged into the car and how much electricity to conduct, and they also minimize the risk of electric leakage or misfiring. The increasing popularity of these eco-friendly cars means higher sales of the switches.

New growth in European manufacturing trends has also allowed reed switch production to flourish in this region. The UK’s manufacturing industry has grown considerably in recent years, and Germany continues to lead Europe in automobile production. The same science behind the smart vehicles is being used to build electric vehicles in Germany. Denmark is also seeing huge growth in its medical manufacturing sector, which makes use of these switches in a variety of products.

Forecast and Future Industry Trends for the Global Magnetic Reed Switch Market

Analysts predict that the reed switch market will grow by 7.4% between now and 2023, helping what’s currently a $1.49 billion industry climb to roughly $2.30 billion in just a few years. Recent innovations and advances in technology for everyday items like phones, smart home appliances, and laptops have allowed the reed sensor market to gain an incredible amount of traction.

Reed switch use will especially grow in Asian markets as the middle classes of these countries continue to expand. This region also competes with Europe and the U.S. for domination of the automotive manufacturing industry, further spurring growth and innovation regarding the use of these switches in vehicle designs. The United States and Germany are anticipated to be the second largest reed switch markets behind China.

A Bright Future for Reed Switch Manufacturers

Analysts expect reed switch manufacturers to continue to benefit from growing demand for this product as industries find more and more uses for it. Ever-changing and ever-advancing technology options for both the general public and for niche markets will continue to spur innovation in the use and development of reed switches.

With more of the world's population desiring automated electronic devices, the need for reed switches will continue to grow. The market outlook is looking good indeed for reed switches.


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